17 Day Diet Food List For Healthy Lifestyle

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Having a healthy lifestyle nowadays is very much important. It includes on how you can keep your health better since health is something meaningful for daily life. Therefore, we need to pay attention on our activities and habits. It includes the way we manage our diet program to get better health. Since many obesity problems occurs per day, it should be a must for us to make it as a warning. There is also 17 day diet food list that can contribute to help you gaining healthy lifestyle. This food list is already used by many people since it is proven effectively to improve their life quality.


What the Ideal Diet for 17 Days to Improve Better Health?

Who are not interesting to talk about diet program especially to lose much weight? Today, there are many people getting serious issue related their weights that can lead them suffering many dangerous diseases. Therefore, ideal diet becomes an urgent topic to discuss since people need to recover soon and prevent any further effects. If we use 17 day diet food list, at least you will not waste your time by making your own diet that is not sure whether it is safe or not. For some reasons, there a lot of people use extreme diets which lead them to another disease. Many of them do not eat the right food instead making their condition worse. So, for better suggestions, it is important for you to have right diet in 17 days by following 2 cycles’ instructions.

17 Days Diet Food In First Cycle

For the beginning of your diet, you need some foods below to consume. It is your first cycle so that the diet must be started with appropriate foods. Here are the foods you need to know and consume for the first cycle on 17 days diet.

  1. The first food should be focused on improving your lean protein and vegetables. These foods will make you easier in losing the weights. You can start from easting diet meal that contains low protein such as chicken and fish. Eggs and vegetables are also supporting you body system to provide more nutrition for the digestion.
  2. The next food to know is the food which contains low fat and no sugar. It is important for you to avoid any pasta, breads, or even potatoes. To make the diet program can be enjoyed well for the beginners, they need something more refreshing with the requirement above. Therefore, it is suggested to consume 2 probiotic per day with some juicy and low sugar fruits, such as berries and apples. There is a regulation that you need to do this habit at 2 pm so that all carbohydrate will only come from the fruits.
  3. In following 17 day diet food list program, you need also drink hot lemon water after you wake up from your sleep. Don’t worry of getting this hot lemon every morning, since it is only to support your digestion. It is a must for you to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day as it is improving you to get better metabolism.
  4. Additional suggestion for this cycle, you can have a glass of green tea every time you get your meal. It helps you to lose the weight easier than you think.

Specific Foods in First Cycle of 17 Days Diet

To make the cycle more successful, here are some specific foods to consume based on the requirements above. In getting lean protein, it is better to consume catfish, salmon, and light tuna. They are very much good to support your diet program. Eggs, turkey breast, and chicken breast can be also the alternative for those who do not really like fish. Meanwhile, talking about the right vegetables, you need to consume celery, asparagus, carrots, cabbage, and broccoli. All of them are the cleansing vegetables that will be very much potential in making your diet program effective. Mushrooms and green beans can be the right alternative too so that you will not get bored of your menu. Spinach, garlic, onions, and tomatoes are also good for you to have in first cycle of 17 day diet food list.

The Next 17 Days Foods in Second Cycle

This cycle will focus more on resetting your metabolism. Therefore after finishing the first cycle, you still need to pay attention on some regulations on diet. Here are the things you need to know in this cycle.

  1. The first thing in this cycle is the same as you can find in first cycle. The difference is you can get the unlimited quantities of lean protein but still to remember the time. You need to consume the food at 2 pm so that the diet program can work well. You can eat the starch foods also such as yams and peas. The brown rice is also recommended to do for this cycle.
  2. For the next days, you can alternate with what already written on the first cycle including the fruits and the vegetables. Do not forget to get your hot lemon everyday so that the digestive juice will support the diet program you do.
  3. Eating starch foods in this 17 day diet food list on cycle 2 is very much important. You can also eat additional seafood such as crab, mussels, and oysters, for better nutrition.
  4. Remembering your routine to drink 8 glasses of water everyday cannot be left behind. It can be stated as main thing which should not be forgotten whether you are on diet program or not.

So, from all explanation above, it can be understood that doing 17 days diet program with specific food to consume is not that hard. It will be very much easier though since you will only eat some foods but still it does not make you lose your appetite. Therefore, just remember how to manage your diet program successfully done with the guidance of 17 day diet food list.