Alkaline Diet Food List and Other Information about Alkaline Diet Program

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Right now, people are getting more aware about their health. This awareness makes them want to do many things in order to get healthy. Of course, there are many things to do. Doing regular exercise is one of the things to do in order to maintain healthy body. However, it is not enough, without proper diet program, the exercise may not be fully effective. That is why there are many kinds of diet program right now. And you must know about alkaline diet food list for alkaline diet program.


People are keep searching and analyzing the best diet program to maintain good health without making the people lose their energy. Among those many kinds of diet, alkaline diet program becomes one of the famous ones. Even, this has become one of the recommended diet programs to do. This diet program is aimed to deal with pH level fluids, including in the fluids found in blood and urine. The pH level is about level of acidity and this is determined by the mineral contained in the foods that people consume.

The ideal pH of body fluid is around 7.35 up to 7.45. When the body has lower pH, which means that it has higher level of acidity, this can be trigger or causes of several health problems. Hypertension is one of the common problem appearing in unbalanced pH. Unluckily, this health problem can lead other serious problems and no one ever wants to get them. That is why many people start to do the alkaline diet program by consuming the foods mentioned in alkaline diet food list.

Of course, knowing the alkaline diet food list may make some people able to run the alkaline diet program easily. In fact, there are still other things to consider first before choosing this diet program. In this case, choosing the food ingredients is not as simple as following the list. People should know that they must find the organic alkaline products. Non-organic alkaline food may also work, but its effectiveness is lower than the organic one. It is because organic foods are grown in soil with better pH condition and other things related to the minerals absorbed by the fruits and vegetables.

Then, if you are still curious about your own pH level, actually you can check it by yourself. There are many products of pH strips and these can be found in any pharmacy. You can check your saliva or urine to know the pH level of your body fluids. The second urine in the morning is the best one to check your pH level. Then, you can also check your saliva one hour before you get your meals or two hours after you take your meals.


Alkaline Diet Food List for Weight Loss

After checking your pH level in your body fluid, then you can also check it after you do the alkaline diet program. About the alkaline diet food list, actually the main key is to find the organic food product. It is not only about your fruits and vegetables. Alkaline diet program is not only about the greeneries, but it also covers other food ingredients. These are the list:

  • For fruits, there are citruses, grapefruit, avocado, watermelon, tomatoes and bananas. For the banana, it must be the ripe bananas. Then, for the vegetables, mushrooms and spinaches are one of the easy ingredients. Then, there are also ginger, cabbage, green beans, alfalfa grass, garlic, oregano, and celery. In this case, they can be cooked as long as they are cooked well in order to keep the nutrients. However, there should also be time to eat them as raw food. Making them into salads may be good idea. For the fruits, having juices can be good idea. Eating the raw foods may make the nutrients of the ingredients are kept well and they can be absorbed optimally by the body.
  • There should be source of protein. Protein can be obtained from almonds, lima beans, and other kinds of beans are the good source of plant proteins.
  • Since it is alkaline diet program, having alkaline water is necessary. Distilled water can be good alternative. However, purified bottled water should not be chosen. To get more alkalinity, adding lemon or lime can be good way.


Anti-Alkaline Food That Not Goog for Body

When there are alkaline diet food list, of course there will also be foods included in the anti-alkaline. There are also some bad habits that make the body lose its good and balanced pH.

  • Sodium is bad for alkalinity. That is why high-sodium food must be avoided. This kind of food can be found in the processed foods. These kinds of food have high level of sodium chloride that makes create acidity.
  • Then, cold cut meats or conventional meats should be avoided.
  • Corn flakes and other processed cereals are also included in the anti-alkaline food.
  • Caffeinated drinks and alcohols are the other part of the anti-alkaline foods.
  • Artificial sweeteners are bad for the alkalinity.
  • Then, they who are lack of exercise and even the over-exercise possibly lose their alkalinity. That is why it is better to have regular and sufficient exercise.


Benefits of Alkaline Diet Food List

Of course, those alkaline diet food lists and its diet program has some good benefits to do. If there is no benefit, there is no meaning of doing this. There are some good benefits to obtained. First, it protects bone density and keep the mass of muscle. This can happen because this diet help the body to create balance composition of minerals. These minerals are necessary for building and protecting the bone. They are also important for maintaining the muscle mass. Growth hormones and the absorption of vitamin D can also be boosted by this diet program. Then, the diet program also boost the protection, so cholesterol and hypertension are not big problem. Cardiovascular health is maintained so stroke possibility can be lower.


The other benefits of consuming based on alkaline diet food list are to get better source of vitamins. It is not only about the good source, but the diet program itself also boost the absorption of those vitamins. Then, this diet program can also  provide enough amount of magnesium. This substance is important in the body. This is needed in the process of vitamin D activation. Then, the substance can also prevent muscle pains, sleep troubles and even complication of heart.