Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List and the Important Things of This Diet

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Nowadays, there are many kinds of diet to choose. As the people are getting more aware about the health condition, diet programs are keep improving and there are always new diet programs. These diet programs are considered as the good and easy way to keep maintain healthy body. By combining it with regular exercise, healthy body can be obtained and diseases can be avoided. In this case, it is true that there are many kinds of diet programs and food planning to follow. Some have been proved scientifically, but some are still based on assumption and common logic. In this case, one of the good diet proven scientifically is anti inflammatory diet program. For this diet program, anti inflammatory diet food list can be followed to get the effective way.


The food list consists of some food ingredients containing good substances to deal with problems caused by inflammation. Before going to the food list, it is better to know that actually inflammation is not totally bad. In fact, this is body automatic response to deal with the wounds or problems in the body. Inflammation happens to cure the wounds and the health problems. However, sometimes the inflammation itself can be problems for other organs. Some inflammations are also triggered by diseases and this make the body suffer. That is why this diet program is necessary to make the inflammation more effective and reduce the risks of inflammation.

In this case, first anti inflammatory diet food list is about green leafy vegetables. Some greeneries must always be in refrigerator. This is necessary since the green leafy vegetables are the easy ingredients of anti-inflammatory diet program. The vegetable itself has good substances to boost the cellular health and regeneration. Then, there is anti-inflammatory flavanoids to deal with the inflammation. Some antioxidants are also found in these vegetables. Then, specifically there is bok choy. This is also known as Chinese cabbages. This vegetable has been proven as the source of minerals, some vitamins and of course antioxidant that is needed to deal with the inflammation. There are more than 70 antioxidant substances contained in the bok choy and this makes the vegetable very recommended in the anti-inflammatory diet program. This vegetable can be cooked in many menus.

Of course, those two vegetables are not the only part of anti inflammatory diet food list. There are still other greeneries or vegetables to choose. For example, there is celery. This vegetable has been proven to have antioxidants and ability of anti-inflammation. This can control the cholesterol level and maintain good condition of blood pressure. Of course, as the results, this can prevent heart disease ,The seed of this vegetable is also good to fight the infections of many bacteria. There are potassium, vitamins and various antioxidants to find in it. Then, there is also broccoli. This one has been famous as the useful vegetable. This vegetable contains high level of magnesium and potassium. Then, there are also some antioxidants that make this vegetables great choice to deal with inflammation.  Moreover, there are vitamins, carotenoids and anti-inflammatory flavonoids. These are good combination to fight possibility of cancer and chronic inflammation.

There are still many choices of anti inflammatory diet food list to choose. of course. It is not always bout difficult ingredients to find. Some ingredients are actually easy to find, even people may not be aware that they have consumed or use the ingredients in the menu.

  • Ginger is the other part of the list. This ingredient is famous as traditional herb to cure many kinds of diseases. In fact, it is not proven traditionally, but also scientifically to have some good agents to deal with inflammation. There are antioxidant, antibacterial and of course anti-inflammatory substances.
  • Blueberries are fruits to choose as the anti-inflammatory agent. This fruit can reduce inflammation when it is consumed regularly. This can happen because the fruit has flavonoids as the one of useful antioxidants. There are still other vitamins and useful substances useful to deal with inflammation and other health problem.
  • For chocolate lovers, actually dark chocolate is useful. When the chocolate is consumed, there are some useful substances to maintain health of heart. There are also anti-inflammatory compounds. To make it more effective, people can also have apple slices to boost the fermentation process of the chocolate.
  • Tomatoes can be next ingredients. This one has lycopene as the antioxidant. This antioxidant specifically protects the brain. Then, this is also useful to cure depression that may cause inflammation. In this case, the tomatoes can be eaten as raw tomatoes or processed tomatoes since there is no different. It is also better to add olive oils to make the absorption work well.
  • Apples are good to consume. This fruit is known as source of prebiotics. This has also good level of fiber and pectin to help the process of fermentation in the body. Even, this can be useful to grow the useful bacteria in the body. There are bifidobacteria and also lactobacillus needed in the body, including in the digesting process.
  • In the ingredients, people cannot forget to use garlic. In fact, this one is useful. This has allicin. This substance is great to deal with the infections caused by bacterias and viruses. The enzymes that trigger the infection can be blocked by this good substance. Then, the extract of this ingredient can provide protein of anti-inflammatory. At the same time, the extract can suppress markers of inflammation. There are still many other useful substances to work and fight the inflammation.


Anti Inflammatory Diet Food List That Are not Included in the list

When there are foods in the anti inflammatory diet food list, there are also some foods that are not included in the list. Even, the foods are included in the foods that have substances to trigger inflammation. These should get attentions since they can make the diets useless.

  • First, there is food with casein. There are cows milk and some other products of the milk that should be avoided.
  • Sugar should also be avoided. Some drinks and other menus containing sugar should be avoided from now. It is worse to find sweetener since this is worse than the sugar.
  • Fried foods are bad for this diet. The cholesterol is higher when the food is fried. Some substances are broken in the frying process.

Processed foods and foods with gluten should also be avoided since they can ruin the diet.