Baby Food Diet Plan and Some Points to Consider Well

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Baby food diet plan program is getting more popular right now. This becomes so popular since artists are said to take this diet program and they lose their weight effectively. Since then, many people try to do this diet program and this provides them with alternatives among many kinds of diet programs that can be found right now. Logically, it may seem work since this will make people have lower level of carbohydrate to take. Of course, this is also easy to make. It only needs packs of baby food, bowl or cup, and warm water.

After that, the baby food diet program can be done. This is easy and does not need much time to prepare, even to cook. Of course, this can also be cheap. With these benefits, then there are many people starting to choose this type of diet as their choice. They prefer the simplest way to lose weight. Of course, there is also attention related to the baby food diet plan since good planning is needed when it comes to the diet program. Without good plan, any diet program can ruin and there will be no clear effects.


Related to the baby food diet plan, it is necessary to know that the baby food is actually not for adult. The baby food is made for baby. It means that there can be some nutrients that are not found in the baby food. That is why before choosing this diet program, this points should be known first. This is necessary so people do not only depend on the baby food only during the whole day. there can be lack of nutrients and this will make the body get some health issues. One of the clear point is about the fiber.

The baby food has less fiber since they are produced and made for baby. Baby has no well-developed digestive system. It means that baby needs something easier to digest by their simple tummy. It is quite different from adult who already have well-developed digestive system. That is why it should be considered well that the baby food may be taken as meals, but there should also be other foods to accompany, so there will be no nutrient efficiencies.


For the baby food diet plan, there are some ideas of diet plan to do for a whole week. In this case, it will be found that the adults do not only eat the baby foot. There are also other foods, at least fruits. Related to the fruits, there are common fruits chosen by some artists. There are pineapples, mangoes, berries, and other fruits. This diet plan is used by some Hollywood artists. Of course, it is quite clear that the diet program is effective to keep their beautiful body.

  • For the first day of diet program, there is pineapple as the main menu for the whole day. Pineapple is to eat for every two hours. Of course, there are also baby foods to eat frequently.
  • For the second day, there are some fruits to choose. For breakfast, there are papaya and apple. Then, there is pineapple for lunch. In the dinner, there are apples and mangoes.
  • In the third day, the person has apple and kiwi in the morning. Then,there are pineapples at noon. For dinner, apples or kiwis can be chosen.
  • For the fourth day, there is no different food. There are only raspberry and watermelon for the whole day. They are for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner.
  • In the fifth day, the breakfast is accompanied by watermelon, while apricots are for the lunch. For the dinner, there are blueberries or blackberries to choose.
  • In the sixth day, plums are for breakfast. For the lunch there is pineapple, and the dinner gets watermelon.
  • In the seventh day, there are only watermelons or apples to choose for the whole day. Every two hours, the person should eat the fruits.


From the baby food diet plan above, it can be seen that it is not only baby food as the main course. There are some fruits to accompany  the baby food. Of course, the fruits chosen are fruits that contain some useful nutrients, including vitamins, antioxidants, fibers and also source of calories from the organic sugar in the fruits. These are a good combination since the diet plan will have no high level of fat or carbohydrates that can make the tummy bigger. There is also no risk of gaining weight. However, the baby food should be eaten regularly and sometimes it can also be part of snack. This can be  good healthy snacks since this will not make people overweight.


Baby Food Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Then, there are also some good advantages to get from this diet plan and its baby food diet plan. It is easy to do and this is the first clear benefits. People also do not need to go to kitchen for cooking since there is nothing to do with the stove and cooking tools. For the aspect of health, fruits and the baby foods are great combination. This will make people have no meats and other processed foods. As the results, the body will get detoxified, so it is easier to get healthier body. Furthermore, there is less preservatives or additives in the baby foods.  The fruits itself has no chemical substances as long as the people choose the organic ones. This is a good point since there will only be healthy food coming inside the body.


In this case, there are also some disadvantages of this diet program. The clear one is about the deficiencies of nutrients. This can happen because adults need more complex nutrients than baby. There should be protein, calcium, and some fatty acids. These are not found in the baby food, even in the fruits.  Moreover, the muscle mass can also get reduced. As the results, people may get tired or dizzy easily. That is why there should also some solutions for the disadvantages in baby food diet plan. In this case, there should be additional foods or supplements to give enough nutrients. Sometimes, it is also better to have normal foods as what adults take.