8 Best Nuts for Weight Loss

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Are you tired of following several things for losing weight but yet are not able to achieve the desired results? Don’t get upset because you are not alone. There are millions of people in the world who are facing the problem of weight gain due to lots of reasons. Some people do not pay attention to their health while others are very much concerned about their growing weight hence they are trying for almost everything, right from dieting to exercising to lose their weight.

Even after trying so hard, starving and spending long hours in the gym, there are many people who are not able to lose their weight. Some people think about the unnatural ways of losing weight but since there are several side effects of unnatural ways of weight loss, many people refrain from those methods. Among the natural weight loss methods, the super foods like crunchy nuts are very helpful in losing weight.

Nuts for Weight Loss

Healthy nuts are probably the best unknown weight loss hacks. These are helpful in fighting with the problem of overweight and obesity. Ultimately, all the secondary health problems like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular problems, which are caused due to overweight and obesity can be avoided.

Nuts are rich in nutrients which help in promoting a healthy weight loss to the individuals. Nuts are generally used for garnishing, adding a crunch and flavors to the dishes. Nuts can be eaten raw, roasted, fried or in any other modified form. It can also be a part of your salad, drinks, and snacks.

Nuts are fuller so you can even skip your meals with nuts. It is suggested that instead of eating nuts in cooked form, try to include nuts in their raw form that too unsalted so that natural oils and nutrients of the nuts can be maintained which helps in getting the best results on your body within a few days.

Know The Nuts That Help in Weight Loss

The best nuts for weight loss include cashew nuts, walnuts, pistachio, peanuts, Almonds and Brazil nuts.  These are the most common nuts which are helpful in weight loss. These nuts are included in the wholesome food items as these contain all the nutrients which are required by the body. Nuts are mainly rich in protein, which is capable of burning high calories to assist the body to shed some extra pounds of weight.

1. Weight Loss Health Benefits of Cashew

Cashew nuts are not only used for garnishing, but these are used in cooking many Thai, Indian, Chinese and Mughlai dishes. These super foods are known to contain so much of goodness that it gives many more health benefits along with the weight loss. Some of the nutrients which are found in cashew nuts are:

  • Fiber: it is helpful in maintaining the bowel movement which helps in boosting the metabolism of the body. Thus, it helps in burning of fat cells to give energy to the body. The burning of fat cells promotes weight loss.
  • Protein: It is the dietary requirement which assists in building new muscle and boosting immunity for weight loss.
  • Vitamins: Cashew Nuts contain Vitamin B1 and B6.
  • Anti-oxidants: Cashew nuts contain a high amount of anti oxidants like Green Tea which is known as a weight loss tea. Anti-oxidants help in detoxifying the body and enhance the ability to burn fat cells easily.

These nutrients are helpful in suppressing the appetite also which enables the fewer intake of calories. Hence, weight loss can be achieved by consuming cashew nuts.

2. Lose Your Weight with Walnuts

Walnuts are crunchy and delicious in addition to being a healthy food item. It contains a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids along with antioxidants and phytonutrients. High level of polyunsaturated fat is also a constituent of walnut. These nutrients in walnut make it a super food. Healthy fats present in walnuts are helpful in targeting the belly fat and the stubborn fat in your body to burn and convert into the body fuel.  This makes the body energetic and makes your appearance lean and healthy.

Polyunsaturated fats in the walnuts are also responsible for activating those genes in the body which are helpful for reducing the fat content from your body. It also helps in maintaining an insulin level that promotes the conversion of calories into energy. When you consume walnuts, the process of conversion of calories to energy is fastened which helps in weight loss.

3. Pistachio to Assist in Weight Loss

Eating pistachio is one of the healthy ways to lose your weight naturally. It is very healthy for your stomach and heart’s health also. Pistachio is already a high-calorie food, but it is helpful in promoting weight loss. You should consume it on a daily basis as snacks, sprinklers on your salad or flavor in your milk to get the lean and healthy body.

In many dietary programs by the expert dieticians, pistachio is included as a weight loss ingredient. It is salted a bit to give a delicious taste to it. Pistachios are known to contain monounsaturated fatty acids which are helpful in shedding excessive body fat. Since they contain a high amount of protein, it is suggested that they should not be consumed in high quantities otherwise your body will start reacting against the high level of protein in your body. High fiber content in pistachio also sends signals to your brain that your belly is full and hence you will face fewer food cravings.

4. Yummy Peanuts Lose Weight

Peanuts are really yummy and often they are consumed in the roasted, raw or in butter form. It is suggested that nuts should be consumed in the raw form for weight loss, so peanut butter cannot be substantially considered as the weight loss item. Peanut butter prepared at home is good but that produced at the commercial level contains mixed flavors, hydrogenated oils, and salts which make it less healthy.

It is a healthy nut which is less expensive as compared to the other types of nuts. Mono-unsaturated fats, antioxidants, flavonoids, and folic acid are the main constituents of peanut so it is considered as a healthy super food which is available everywhere. Peanuts are wholesome and have the capability to make you feel full for a long time.

5. Almonds for Losing Weight

Monounsaturated fats in almonds are responsible for lowering waist circumference, body fat, and systolic pressure. Thus, almonds are one of the best nuts for weight loss. Almonds also contain L-arginine which is a kind of amino acid. This is helpful in promoting fat burning process when your body is at work. Due to this type of fat burning, you will be able to lose your excessive weight easily.

Eating at least two soaked almonds everyday helps in weight management and prevents your body from becoming fat. It also helps in enhancing your memorizing power and immunity.

6. Try Brazil Nuts to Become Slim

Brazil nuts are very tiny in size but have wonderful health benefits especially in weight loss. It contains L-arginine. This amino acid aids in weight loss hence helps the person to lose the weight effectively. It contains Selenium which is an anti-oxidant and helps in maintaining the thyroid level in the body. Hence, it helps in maintaining the optimum body weight.

It also contains rich amount of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. These fats help in lowering the cholesterol level and triglycerides. This will promote weight loss and hence make you look slim. The rich creamy flavor of this nut makes it a delicious option for weight loss.

7. Eat Macadamia to Lose Weight

Macadamia nuts are one of the healthiest nuts which are delicious also. It has a sweet flavor which gives a yummy taste to it. It can be eaten raw. Macadamia is packed with various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids which make it as an ideal nut for losing weight. These contain a high amount of fat that supports weight loss.

Dietary fibers present in this nut also help in boosting the metabolism by relieving constipating which helps in weight loss. Palmitoleic acid present in peanuts is basically a monounsaturated fatty acid which speeds up the metabolic rate of the body. Hence, the fat burning process is sped up which contribute to the weight loss process.

8. Gourmet Nut Pecan for Weight Loss

Pecans are one of the most supporting and best nuts for weight loss which is also helpful in promoting overall health benefits. It is helpful in weight loss process also so that consumers can live a healthy life.

It is another super food which is rich in dietary fiber, protein, polyunsaturated fats and other nutrients which assist in weight loss. Dieticians consider that pecan is a perfect snack which helps in weight loss. You can consume it on a daily basis for the best results.

Check Out The Best Nutty Recipes

Nuts show the best weight loss results when these are consumed in their raw form. However, if you find it least tasty to consume nuts then you should learn about some healthy and least cooking recipes of nuts so that you can enjoy eating nuts in the raw form. One of the popular ways of consuming nuts is to prepare a nutty bowl of cereal every morning.  Take a bowl of cornflakes add some milk into it and different types of nuts according to your choice.  You can even cut some fresh fruits like banana, apple, and strawberries to give it a punch.  Mix the ingredients well and enjoy your healthy breakfast.

Another recipe which is popular for intake of nuts is that you should bake some nut cookies with oat meal or make a nutty cake with low content of sugar. This will help in baking a delicious and a healthy cake for you. You can enjoy eating this type of dishes to lose weight and satisfy your hunger.  Nutty smoothie is another yummy recipe that can be prepared within few minutes. Make sure that you check on the intake quantity of nuts to get the best results.