The 20 Best and Worst Protein Bars

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Protein bars are far more than just a simple snack. They are healthy additions to your diet. You probably already know this, but you should also know that not all of them are ideal! Some can be truly called energy in a single bite, while others deserve a different name, probably something like ‘’sugar in every bite’.’ Now when you know this, it is time to introduce the best protein bars, those that you and your family members should consume daily. But because we care about your health, we will also include those that should be avoided. You can thank us later.

Before moving to the next part, we must add some facts. A great protein bar will have between 150 and 200 calories, more than 7 grams of protein and more than 3 grams of fiber. At the same time, sugar levels must be below 13 grams.

1. BariatricPal 14g Protein Bars (14 grams of protein)

BariatricPal 14g Protein Bars: One of The Best Protein Bars

With 14 grams of protein in a single bar, this is definitely a choice to make. We will also add that when it comes to calories, the number is low in 150 of them. What we liked were the  raisins and cinnamon, ingredients known for helping you burn more weight thanks to the ability to truly replace a meal. It may be one of the best protein bars for men.

2. RXBAR Chocolate Sea Salt (12 grams of protein)

This protein bar offers 12 grams of protein, which is very high. Other ingredients generate 4 grams of fiber and 200 calories in total. Just keep in mind that there are 12 grams of sugar, but sugar hasn’t been added. Ingredients include almonds, sea salt, egg whites, cacao, etc. If you like pure protein bars, this is the one for you.

3. Julian Bakery’s Paleo Protein Bar (11 grams of protein)

Sweet and healthy are the best words to describe this protein bar. We liked that they come with 170 calories, but still offer 93% of your daily need for fiber. Of all high protein bars, this is one of the most interesting for professional athletes. Ingredients involve stevia, coconut oil, and almonds. Protein from grass-fed beef is present as well.

4. Health Warrior Protein Bar (10 grams of protein)

Here we have one of the best for you and best tasting protein bars available for you right now. We liked it because it has 200 calories, 10 g protein, 6 g of fiber, and 10 g of sugar. An even more impressive fact is the full list of ingredients, which reveals seeds, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, etc. This protein bar even comes with high levels of calcium. The seeds will be transferred into a gel when reaching the stomach, so they will make you feel full for a long period of time. In addition, you will get high energy levels as well.

5. Zing Bar (10 grams of protein)

8 grams of fiber, 9 grams of sugar and 190 calories, this protein bar is generally one of the best ones. However, it cannot be rated any higher, because the sugar doesn’t come from natural sources. Iron is present as well, so the protein bar will deliver 20% of your total daily intake! Important: It contains prebiotic fiber so people with IBS should be careful.

6. KIND Madagascar Vanilla Almond Bar (7 grams of protein)

Not only will you get 7 grams of protein, but you will protect your body from sugar because there are only 4 grams of it in the bar. The protein bar has 210 calories and there are 6 grams of fiber. Of all low sugar protein bars this is the one to consider today. We will also add the fact that finding these bars in airports and train stations is really simple.

7. Evo Hemp (7 grams of protein)

Evo Hemp offers 7 grams of protein, 185 calories, 3 grams of fiber, and 10 grams of sugar. It is one of the healthiest protein bars today, and all that thanks to the ingredients, which include apricots, cashews, and dates. And yes, it is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, useful for reducing bad cholesterol and boosting brain function.

8. Juno Bar (5 grams of protein)

160 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 7 grams of sugar sound appealing and it is a reality with this protein bar. It is also one of the best protein bars for women of childbearing age, due to the fact it comes with a high level of iron, which these women need. The ingredients include apples, dates, and almond butter.

9. Kashi Soft ‘n Chewy Bar Apple Cobbler (3 grams of protein)

All the elements of this protein bar are just right. It is rich in protein, low in sugar, and it offers 3 grams of fat per serving. Main ingredients are pumpkins and apples. All of you who prefer low carb protein bars will find this choice highly appealing.

10. Glutino Gluten Free Breakfast Bar (2 grams of protein)

This is one of the best protein bars when it comes to the amount of sugar. There are only 45 milligrams, which is one of the best results in general! It also has 140 calories, and 2 grams of protein, which isn’t much, but these bars are small, and they always come in a 6-pack.

10 Worst Protein Bars

All of the protein bars that are mentioned below are placed here due to a reason! They have issues, they can cause weight gain or they are not as healthy as the ones we mentioned above. The bottom result is that they should be avoided. If you are looking for the best protein bars check out 10 bars mentioned above.

1. Gatorade Whey Protein Recover Bar (12 grams of fat)

Gatorade Whey Protein Recover Bars are so complicated to define that most people simply decide to take them daily. 20 grams of protein sounds impressive and it is beneficial, but there are a lot of drawbacks. First of all, we have360 calories, this is too much! Then we also have sugar, milk and soy, all ingredients people with sensitive stomachs should avoid. 28 grams of sugar is probably the next worst thing here, besides the fact there are no vitamins in this protein bar.

2. Quest’s White Chocolate Raspberry Bar (9 grams of fat)

This protein bar comes with 200 calories and 9 grams of fat, which doesn’t sound so scary, but none of its ingredients are perfectly healthy! If we add the fact that it is paired with artificial sweeteners, we get a protein bar which is far from the best. On the other side, this is one of vegan protein bars.

3. MET-Rx Protein Bar (8 grams of saturated fat)

Here is the next protein bar that should be avoided and possibly eliminated from your diet, if you have been eating it. 320 calories and 13% of daily sodium intake are enough to understand how negative it generally is. An interesting fact is that this is one of the highest protein bars, when it comes to calories you can possibly buy. It has some benefits, but it is still one to avoid. Did we mention that it also contains 20 grams of sugar alcohol?

4. Balance Bar Caramel Nut Blast (7 grams of fat)

The term gold here doesn’t sound realistic. Although the protein bar may look outstanding on the outside, it simply isn’t what we are looking for. We must mention that it is rich in palm oil, gluten, soy and even artificial ingredients developed to preserve the flavor. All of this should help you realize that it isn’t a bar to consider. Yes, it also contains protein (14 grams) and 24 vitamins.

5. Zone Perfect Classic Nutrition Bar (5 grams of fat)

Sugar, soy, palm oil and corn syrup are tasty ingredients, but they are not great for protein bars. Nevertheless, this bar is certainly an interesting. We liked the fact it provides 20 minerals and vitamins, but 16 grams of sugar, 220 mg of sodium and 4.5 grams of fat are simply too much! Yes, as you may believe, this is one of the best protein bars if we take into account the taste only.

6. Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars (3 grams of fat)

We didn’t like this protein bar and you should know that! Yes, it is tasty and it has an interesting advertisement, but it is loaded with corn syrup, oils, sugar and even gluten. In it, don’t expect to find fruits and vegetables that will make you a healthier and a happier person. Only people who should consider it are those who don’t care about their health nor their weight. Important: We believe that it also contains artificial colors which may increase the risk of cancer!

7. Quaker Protein Baked Bars Peanut Butter Chocolate Flavor (5 grams of fat)

10 grams of protein and 190 calories look like the protein bar in question isn’t bad. But, the secret is in xanthan gum, an ingredient known to increase the amount of water in the digestive tract up to 400%! As such, it causes severe bloating. Sugar levels are high as well, with 13 grams. Addition: This protein bar has 180 grams of sodium.

8. Kellogg’s, Fiber Plus Antioxidants Protein Chewy Bar (fat amount is unknown)

Kellogg’s, Fiber Plus Antioxidants Protein Chewy Bar is far from the best protein bars for weight loss specifically because it is entirely based on soy. We also know that it causes bloating and that it comes with 9% of sodium! It may be one of sugar free protein bars, but all other aspects of it are not actually needed nor appreciated. It is also one of rarely used protein bars! Most consumers are not satisfied with the details, the manufacturer reveals, nor do they believe that it is beneficial for the health. Maybe it will be great for you if you want to gain weight or to make your waistline bigger.

9. NSF Myoplex Deluxe Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar (unknown levels of fat)

It is almost impossible to check for the fat levels in this protein bar, probably due to a reason. Peanut butter and chocolate may sound tempting, but 340 calories and obesogens ingredients (corn syrup and soyabean oil) don’t. It isn’t a completely dangerous protein bar, thanks to vitamins it contains, but for our standards, it is simply too dangerous. It may be the best protein bars if we take into account the taste only (chocolate and peanut butter are delicious) but it is still insufficient to take it into consideration.

10. Atkins Mocha Almond Bar (unknown levels of fat)

We didn’t like this protein bar either, despite the name this brand is well-known for low-carb products. What is the worst when it comes to Mocha Almond Bar are polydextrose and sucralose (artificial sweetener)? Let’s add milk protein, which is the next worst thing you want to avoid. In addition, all of you who want to lose their belly fat should avoid this protein bar. This also means that all of you who want to gain weight will find this protein bar great.

The Final Word

Here are the best protein bars available on the planet right now. We tested them and compared their values, so you can get a clear picture in which ones are healthy and offer benefits real protein bars should. Unless you are a professional nutritionist, you will need this advice, simply because protein bars are difficult to define. They are rich in dozens of substances, they are made from different ingredients and they may have hidden downsides. With our help, you won’t have to worry about all of that. All you have to do is to grab some of the best bars and enjoy. Correspondingly, we also included bars that should be avoided, so you don’t make a mistake and eat them, instead of the first 10 protein bars here. After all, your health is the most important, period!