15 Best Teas for Weight Loss

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Each year, more Americans will resolve to lose weight that make a resolution about anything else. It is the number one goal that people seek to change about themselves, as they want to look better and feel better about who they are.

The challenges that losing weight is not as easy as many would think. A lot of people think that if you just cut back on your food intake and spend a few extra days at the gym that you will drop those unwanted pounds in no time at all. Sadly, that is not the case at all.

The fact of the matter is that losing weight can be a real challenge. Depending upon your age and the amount of weight that you need to lose, trying to shed those unwanted pounds can be a lot more difficult than you possibly imagine. So. how do you lose this weight?

Everyone Has a Solution

What makes losing weight so much more difficult is the fact that there are all kinds of products out there that assure you that they are the surefire solution to your weight loss problem. No matter how much weight you have to lose, how sedentary your lifestyle is, or how old you are, all you need to do is take their product and you will be shedding pounds faster than you can count to 10.

There are also all kinds of weight loss solutions that relate to changing your dietary habits. Many of these tell you that if you start eating a certain kind of food more or reduce your intake of another kind of food you are going to see significant results right away.

The vast majority of these are a complete waste of time. No matter how strict you follow their idea or how many of their supplements you take, you are not going to see the results that you are looking for. It simply doesn’t happen.

However, there are some that are quite valid. You could read about the best nuts for weight loss and you will find that there are some exceptional nuts that will help you in your personal Battle of the Bulge.

Interestingly enough, it is often times things that you can normally consume that are naturally produced by Mother Nature that are the very best things for you in terms of helping you to lose weight. Nuts are not some synthesized supplement that you take. They grow naturally, and have natural ingredients in them that if you consume nuts you reap the benefits of them.

This is true of many different kinds of teas that you can take as well. Tea has long been a source of great benefits for people, whether you are talking about is a medicinal option or as one that will help you to lose weight. In fact, green tea has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years because of the incredible properties that are contained in it.

Finding the Best Tea to Help You Lose Weight

Knowing this, it is important to understand that there are teas out there that can assist you in losing weight. It is the natural compound in the tea that work with your body in such a way so that you have a greater chance of dropping those unwanted pounds. If you are looking for the best teas for losing weight, here are the 15 Best Teas for Weight Loss.

1. Green Tea

Green tea has so many health benefits for you that it goes beyond words. There are many who will look at this and wonder what is the best green tea for weight loss, but the fact of the matter is that virtually any pure green tea is going to be good for you. This is a good place to start if you are looking to drop unwanted pounds.

What makes green tea so good is that it contains natural compounds that help in the fat burning process. Green tea is full of antioxidants which helps to break down fat and increase metabolism at the same time. It also assists your liver in being able to process fat quicker and you will see a significant improvement in your waistline. Adding green tea as a daily part of your workout routine will produce phenomenal results.

2. White Tea

You may have never heard of this before, but there actually is a white tea out there. What makes this product so good for you to consume is that several studies have discovered that the chemicals contained in this tea not only helps to protect your skin, but also reduce distress in your skin and in your body as a whole. Stress can often be a factor in why people gain weight, and if you are able to reduce the stress level, you will find that your weight loss will become more rapid as well.

3. Black Tea

This is the more common kind of tea that most people consume, and not many of us think of it as a weight loss tea, however, it can be that for you. Black tea helps to improve your cardiovascular system, which can assist you in your exercise regimen. An improved cardiovascular system makes it easier for blood to flow and for oxygen to be transferred, so you are able to sustain your workout for a longer period of time. This does not provide direct assistance in helping you to lose weight, but it does enable your body to be more efficient so that it can do more to lose weight.

4. Chamomile & Lavender Tea

There are many benefits that come from this tea, which begin with the fact that they reduce fatigue and depression. What this means for you is that your stressful levels will be reduced as well and you will sleep better. This can have a profound effect on the way that your body metabolizes food, and you will find that you feel better and look better in no time at all.

5. Fennel Tea

Fennel is getting such rave reviews because it is quickly becoming one of the best detox teas that you can take. What this means is that it helps to clean out your system so that your body can function more efficiently, by removing toxins and waste products that have built up within the cells in your body. By doing this, your body processes things more efficiently and you live a lot healthier.

This is a great tea to bring incredible results for you if you are looking to make more changes to your body than simply losing weight. Those who consume this tea find that their skin looks better and that they feel better about themselves.

6. Bilberry Tea

This tea helps to reduce bloating and falls into the same class of berries as the blueberry. Blueberries are exceptional because of the high level of antioxidants that they contain, and you will find this in this tea as well. There are many great benefits you will enjoy from this, and including helping you to break down fat in your body more quickly.

7. Oolong Tea

How this kind of tea bests assists you is by stopping weight gain from occurring at all. How this tea works is by blocking fat absorption by your body, which means that the fact that you are burning off does not get re-created or reabsorbed by your body. In fact, in a study conducted by researchers in Taiwan, they discovered that people who consumed this tea at least one time a day had 20% less fat than those who did not. This also helps to reduce high blood pressure and improve overall health.

8. Goji Tea

Goji seems to be all the rage for those who are looking for a healthy snack that improves your overall body efficiency. This is a great tea as well, which can increase your metabolism, thus burning calories quicker, while burning fat.

9. Mate

This kind of tea is best known for the thermogenic effects that it provides. What this means is that it speeds up the rate at which calories are burned by your body, improving the efficiency of insulin in the body, so that fat is burned more quickly. Many also espouse the benefits of how this aids in fighting cancer as well.

10. Valerian Tea

What this tea will do for you is reduce the hunger your body is feeling. This tea helps to stimulate the hormone that reduces appetite, making it so that you will feel less hungry and desire to eat less. It also helps in providing you a greater quality of sleep which could be beneficial in helping you to lose weight as well.

11. Ashwagandha Tea

In a study published in the Journal of Psychological Medicine in India, this tea was proven to reduce the hormones that are commonly associated with stress. By doing so, a person’s waistline was found to be reduced and they lost weight at a higher rate. A study at Penn State University confirm these results and also proved that this tea helps in aiding those who suffer from such things as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, by reducing anxiety and court is all, the hormone that is most commonly associated with stress.

12. Mint Tea

What mint does for you is it reduces your desire to eat. It acts as an appetite suppressant, and so including mint tea in your daily diet will reduce the amount of food you each day. You will also like the idea that it has less caffeine in it than most other kinds of tea.

13. Barberry Tea

What is interesting about this particular plant, is that virtually every aspect of it has some beneficial ingredient that is helpful in you losing weight. Whether you are talking about the stems, the fruit itself, or the bark, this plant contains natural chemicals that help in the burning of fat in your body. Many studies in China have proven that those who consume this plant either through ingesting it or drinking it is a tea are reducing fat and losing weight quickly. It is truly a great product where you can have fantastic success.

14. Pu-Erh Tea

This is another tea that has commonly been used in China as for thousands of years with great results at helping people to lose weight and keep it off. What is so amazing about it is that even those who have been known to be eating a high-fat diet have still seen the great benefits of drinking this tea. In two studies conducted in China, the results proved that people still lost weight despite the fact of eating a high-fat diet. A high-fat diet is not recommended, but it’s nice to know that there are teas out there to help you if you are eating in this way.

15. Hibiscus Tea

If you have a puffy stomach that never seems to go away, then this is a great tea for you to try. In fact, if you search on the web for a product that is great in helping to reduce bloating in your abdominal area, then this is a plant that is at the top of the list.

What it does for you is that it regulates the water level within your body helping to balance the electrolytes that are contained within your bloodstream and cells. This will help you to lose that bloating feeling and you will find that your stomach will start to show a visible reduction in no time at all.

Tea has long been recognized as the kind of product that can assist you in improving your overall health in many different ways. However, the one area where it has been ignored for centuries has been how it will help you in your Battle of the Bulge. Now you know that there are teas out there that will help you to lose that weight and to feel better about who you are.