Blood Type Diet Food List You Need To Know

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Following your healthy diet based on your blood type might be fun. It is also healthier since many researchers have proven it true. Therefore, knowing Blood type diet food list based on yours is very much helpful. It is true that generally we need to keep our diet balance, especially if it is supported by having some exercises every day. But, knowing the type of foods more specific will be much beneficial for your healthy life.


Why Consuming Diet Food Based On Blood Type Is Important?

Actually, when you eat any kinds of food, they directly react to your body system. Usually, after the food digested, it will work based on its nutrition. It includes vegetables, meat, and fruits you consume daily. When the contents of the food is matched with your body system, it will work based on its function more effectively. It is also influenced by the type of your blood. Therefore, many scientists have found that the food will be easily digested by your body system if your food matches your blood type. In this following explanation, you may find what kinds of food you need based on your blood type. Moreover, you can also avoid some foods that are not recommended to consume if it can endanger your health. This is why Blood type diet food list is needed, so that you can learn little bit how to protect you health even just from the type of foods you consume every day.


Blood Type Diet Food List That Recommended

After knowing how important it is to consume the food based on your blood type, now let us see what foods are on the list.

  • The Food List For Blood Type O

Some surveys have resulted that people with blood type O will tend to have problems in their digestion. Therefore, they need to be careful to keep the body health starting from digestion. The food list that is recommended for them will be many. It includes grains, dairy, and beans. For the type of meat, they can choose poultry, fish, and lean meat. Do not forget vegetables to make the digestion works better. For better diet to prevent any issue in digestion, those who have blood type O, they can consume some healthy supplement with the right dose.

  • The Food List For Blood Type AB

Avoiding caffeine and alcohol is very much suggested to this those who has blood type AB. They tend to suffer low stomach acid, therefore they are also suggested to not smoke and eat the cured meats. This is better if they consume seafood and green vegetables. Moreover, tofu and dairy products should be on their list too to keep the diet more effective.


Check Your Blood type is Important

  • The Food List For Blood Type A

Based on Blood type diet food list, the people with blood type A should consume something more specific especially with meat-free diet type. It is because usually will have weak immune system. Therefore, the foods must be focused more on consuming legumes, fruits, beans and vegetables. It is also suggested for them to have whole grain on the food list. All foods must be organic and fresh to support the digestion better.

  • The Food List For Blood Type B

Rather than consuming chicken flesh, it is better for those with blood type B to consume eggs and certain meat. Moreover, green vegetables and low-fat dairy are also recommended to be on the food list in daily. There must more attention for the people with blood type B for the foods they should avoid. It includes lentils, tomatoes, corn and wheat. This is a good suggestion so that all nutrition of the foods will be easier to be digested and absorbed by all body cells.


Do We Still Need Other Suggestions Besides Consuming The Foods Above?


After all food lists above, it does not mean the treatment to gain good health is enough. You will also need other activities to improve your performance every day. Therefore, we will serve you more information about it.

  1. Taking routine exercises might be very much helpful. Consuming good diet which is supported by good exercise will give you essential result to shape your body goals. Moreover, it makes you protected from any diseases that endanger your immune system. To take routine exercise, you can spare few minutes every day. You might do some push-up, jogging, aerobic, and even biking, for those who love something more relaxed, you can try yoga for better exercises. So, the benefit of consuming food on Blood type diet food list will be proven if you can do better exercises too.
  2. Having enough time for sleep. Your daily activities might be stressful and exhausted. But, do not forget to take enough time to have a rest so that your body and brain can be more relaxed. Ideally, you can take 8 hours sleep per day so that it will refresh your mind. When you have difficulties in having good sleep, try to not really think your work after you get home. It is something you should not do, because many people are getting stressed. It will also endanger their body indirectly which tend to get any disease easier.
  3. Consuming mineral water to balance all nutrition in your body system. It is better for everybody to drink at least 2 liters of water each day. Since most parts of our body contain water, do not forget to drink water sufficiently for better health.


Better health Easier

You will get better health easier, when all activities above are done regularly. Moreover, you already know what foods you should consume and avoid so that it must be very much effective to improve your life quality. So, there are things we have already known especially anything about blood type including the food list. What you need to do is following the suggestion from Blood type diet food list and balancing with some other activities above. As the result, you can feel the benefits effectively.