Daniel Diet Food List and Some Good Benefits of This

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Diet programs are famous right now. There are many kinds of diet programs to choose. These are getting famous because people are more aware about their health. They know that nowadays it is so easy to get sick and there are many kinds of sicknesses. Unluckily, some sicknesses and health problems come from the foods that people eat. That is why there are various diet programs to solve this problems, there are only good foods coming inside people’s body. For this diet program, there are some points in daniel diet food list that should get attention.

Related to diet program, Daniel Diet or Daniel Fast is one of the famous diet programs right now. This diet program is inspired by Daniel as told in Scripture of Old Testaments. Specifically in the Book of Daniel, there are some points that become the method of Daniel diet or Daniel Fast. Of course, this is not only about physical health, but it also to gain spiritual health for the body.


In this daniel diet food list, vegetables are the main points. In the Book of Daniel, it is said that there are only vegetables to eat and water to drink. This becomes essential part of this diet program. In this case, vegetables are like the foundation of this diet program. Of course, it should be fresh and organic vegetables. As what is found in the era of Old Testaments, there were only organic vegetables and it is what people should eat in the Daniel Diet program. In this case, the vegetables should be fresh, but it may also be cooked.

In cooking the vegetables, there should be no additional substances and even salts should be limited. Cooking the vegetables must be done carefully so the nutrition will not be wasted in the cooking process. Then, it is not allowed to have canned vegetables. For drinking, water is the only drink to take. Purified or distilled water is better. Some vegetable or fruit juice is allowed, but it should not have sweeteners. Coconut water may be alternative.


Then, there should also be fruits in the daniel diet food list. In this case, fruits are served around three times in a day. For choices of fruit, they should be fresh fruits. Some dried fruits such as apricots and raisins may also be taken. However, these dried fruits must not get sweeteners, oils and other additional substances, so their freshness is kept. For the source of carbohydrate, whole grains are the good choice. Related to the whole grain, it can be found in buckwheat, brown rice, and some bread. Related to bread, the breads must not be leavened breads. It means that the breads have no yeasts or other rising agents. To know this, most leavened breads are puffy. It can also be found in the ingredients of the bread.


Then, there are some food to avoid in the daniel diet food list. In the Book of Daniel, it is clearly stated about no pleasant food. It means that some delicious foods must be avoided in this diet program or fast. For this points, all kinds of meats should be avoided. Beef, pork, fish and other animal products must be avoided in this food diets.

Even, dairy products must be avoided, so people are not allowed to have milk, eggs, cheese, and other dairy products. Moreover, since it is about no pleasant foods, sweeteners must be the other points to avoid. Sugar, syrups, honey and other form of sweeteners are not allowed to take. Additives, preservatives, and other artificial flavorings must be avoided. Of course, avoiding these may be hard things to do since usually they are successful to make food more delicious. However, they also have bad impacts on the body, that is why Daniel diet program make them in the food lists to avoid.


Then, there are some benefits of following daniel diet food list. In fact, it is not only about the physical health. Even, first point of this diet is about spiritual benefits. It is because mostly this diet program is motivated by spiritual awareness. It is not simply about taking good foods, but it has good spiritual intention.

  • By doing and following this diet program, people can be brought closer to God. This is possible since this diet is not only about avoiding some food lists, but it is also about changing the habit, and give more time for praying.
  • This can also break some addictions to several things. In this diet, people are trained to avoid some tasty foods and this is important to make people able to handle the desire. It is not only about something pleasant, but it is more about something useful.
  • This diet can also provide awareness that bad things are actually made by the people itself and this make people aware of their weakness and make them depend on God’s strength.

Daniel Diet Food List Benefits

For the body, daniel diet food list brings some good benefits. There are some useful points to obtain from this good diet program.

  • This diet program can help people to be free from sugar addiction. In the foods to avoid, sugars and all kinds of sweeteners must be avoided. This will help people to get less possibility of having diabetes and some other health problems related to the kidneys and other organs.
  • The recommended foods are good for detoxification. Toxins in the body can be casted away with those organic and healthy foods. Moreover, water also becomes important in this diet program, and this one is important for detoxification.
  • For people who have problems with weight, this can be a healthy and safe way to lose bodyweight. People do not need to worry about obesity since the foods taken for this diet program is controlled and they are mostly dominated by vegetables.

Since there are fruits and vegetables, people can get better immune system. It can also provide better anti-inflammation agents. Moreover, there are whole grains that will give better fibers for the body. This can boost the digestion, so foods can be absorbed well and there will be lower risk of obesity.