Dash Diet Food List and Some Benefits

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Hypertension has one of the common health problem. Although it is so common to find, this does not mean that it is okay to have hypertension. This health problem cannot be taken lightly since this can lead people to worse health problems. Hypertension can trigger heart attack, stroke, and also kidney. Of course these three heath problems are not simple things to have. They are severe health problems and some people have died because of those health problems. That is why it is necessary to control the blood pressure, so hypertension will never become a big threat for the body. Unluckily, it is not a simple things to do when they want to control their blood pressure and keep the normal pressure.

Nowadays, there many kinds of foods and food ingredients that can easily trigger the blood pressure to be higher in an instant. Junk foods are one of the common causes. They are tasty, but they also can bring bad impacts for body health. In this case, there is also solution for this problem. There is dash diet food list as part of the dash diet program. Dash itself is for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. From its name, it is already clear that this is a recommended diet program to prevent and stop hypertension.

For this dash diet program, the main goal is to control the blood pressure. For they who already have hypertension, this diet program can reduce the blood pressure both in the systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is pressure found in the blood vessels when the heart is beating, and the diastolic one is pressure when the heart is at the condition of rest. Commonly, when people check their blood pressure, there will be number such as 120/80. 120 is number indicating the systolic pressure and 80 is for the diastolic pressure. In this case, they who have blood pressure 140/80 and above are categorized as people with hypertension. For the dash diet food list, actually it is not a difficult things to do. The main point is to limit the sodium consumption.

When the sodium can be limited, the systolic and diastolic pressure can get reduced in around two weeks. The detail of the good lists are:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables since they are good for body and have some minerals to control the blood pressure and maintain health of heart
  • Low-fat or even non-fat dairy products should also be consumed more.
  • Beans and nuts are the other things to consume for this diet program.
  • For foods to avoid, meats and some animal products must be avoided. Fatty meats are things that must be avoided.
  • Sweeteners, preservatives, and other artificial substances in food must be avoided since they can trigger the hypertension.
  • Sugar and salts must also be limited.

In this case, the dash diet food list and its Dash diet program has a good effect in controlling the blood pressure. The goal of this diet program is to maintain stable and good blood pressure so there will be less risks of stroke, heart attack and also kidney failure. In this case, it is not only the main benefits of this diet program. In fact, this diet program also has possibility to control the weight. Even, they who have problem with bodyweight can lose their weight.

This can happen because actually most of the people with hypertension are fat or have problem with bodyweight. That is why it means that they should lose their weight as one of conditions to get lower blood pressure. In this case, the menus and food lists in this diet program already becomes important causes for losing weight. Fatty meats and other trans fat must be avoided so the risks of obesity will be much lower.

There are also fruits and vegetables that must get more portion, so digestive process will be better. Moreover, Dash diet program is very rich in some useful nutrients. Fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium are found in this diet program. They are good in controlling the blood pressure and make the blood circulation better. Metabolism is also getting better, so body can feel much better.  Later, this can trigger people to lose weight. Of course, healthy lifestyle should also be combined with regular exercise. With these combinations, controlling blood pressure and losing weight can walk hand in hand.

Dash Diet Food List Phase 1

In this case, dash diet food list is mostly about avoiding high level of salts and the junk food. That is why it is better to replace the snacks with fruits. Then, they who usually have burger, fries and other junk food for lunch should take salad since this is better for their body and specifically the blood pressure. Instead of drinking many kinds of dairy products, it is better to have fresh fruits juice made without sugar or sweetener. In this case, whole grains should also be picked as alternative for carbohydrates. The carbohydrate from the whole grains products is better and they will not easily become trigger of obesity. This is also great since the whole grains are good source of fiber to make the digestion run well and avoid constipation.

Of course, dash diet food list has some good benefits. Controlling and maintaining good blood pressure is its goal and main benefits. However, this is not the only things offered by this diet program. in fact, there are still other benefits to have.

  • Some reviews and analysis show that the DASH diet program can give good impacts in reducing the risk of some cancers. Breast cancer is one of them that can be reduced.
  • This is also great things to lower the risk of diabetes. The sugars and sweeteners are avoided, so the sugar level inside the body is controlled well.
  • Heart disease can also be reduced and prevented.
  • Many other diseases led or triggered by the hypertension can be handled and prevented. Body metabolism can also increase since many good food ingredients are consumed so fiber and the other good agents will give good impacts on the body.