Some Information about Food Lovers Diet Program

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Everyone wants to be healthy. In maintaining healthy body, many people have their own ways and choices. There are some people who prefer to choose supplements and other kinds of medicine to keep the health. Then, there are also people who choose to do regular exercise as daily routine. There are also some people who choose diet program. Related to diet program, actually there are many kinds of diet program to choose. Right now, when people are getting aware of the healthy body, many diet programs keep appearing and providing some benefits for people. Among those diet program, food lovers diet is one of them.

This diet program may be one of the nice diet programs. As its name, this diet program is dedicated for people who love eating foods. It is true that there are still many delicious foods to eat. The key of this diet program is about following the plan. There are also limitation or restriction of foods, but it is not as much as what is found in other diet program. That is why this diet program is suitable for food lovers. They still can enjoy their meals and they still can choose what they want to eat. What they need to make sure is that they will follow the plan and the plan is only about the combination of food.

How the food lovers diet works 

It is true that the key of food lovers diet is about good plan and good food combination. In this case, what is necessary is about the combination of protein and types of carbohydrate. The key of this diet program is about combination of those points. It may not be too difficult to handle since actually people always have those composition in their daily menus. However, what should get attention is about the carbohydrate or carbs. There are actually two types of carbs and people should know and should be aware about this. The first one is about the fast carbs. Fast carbs are certain food ingredients that can be quickly converted into sugar. This sugar will be quite problematic since they will increase the insulin level.

Of course, there will also fat and these can be bad combinations when they are not controlled well. secondly, there is slow carbs. As its name, these ingredients are not converted quickly into sugar, so there are still enough time for the body to manage them. However, these two types of carbs are needed. That is why there must be protein. Protein is substance that can make the metabolism better, so the blood sugar will not be big problem in the future. In other word, combining the fast carbs, slow carbs and protein will make the body to be a machine for burning fat and blood sugar. With this, obesity and diabetes will not be big problems to worry anymore and maintaining healthy body can be done in easier ways.

Plans for food lovers diet program

Related to the plan for food lovers diet, there are some common things to do. Drinking water regularly, having breakfast, choosing good fats and eat more fibers are part of the common plan when people want to be healthy. This should also be part of this diet program. These should be good combination since only doing the diet program itself may not make the process run quickly. In this case, for the diet program, it is not necessary for people to skip their meals. Even, it is compulsory for people to have meals and snacks. However, these should be planned well. Meals and snacks are taken every 2 up to 3 hours.

At least, each menu must have protein as much as 15 grams and 30 grams of carbohydrate. This should also be combined with regularly drinking water. Then, it is necessary to do regular exercise. It can be made daily and it can only be around 15 up to 30 minutes in a day. This can be done in the morning before doing activities. These simple planning is necessary since they are part of this diet program. In order to make sure that the diet program will be successful, these points should be followed well.

As what has been mentioned, protein plays important role in this diet program. That is why protein must always be in the menu of meals and snacks. Proteins will always be in combination with carbohydrates. There are fast and slow carbs. Additionally, healthy fats can be added to get more nutrition. However, it should be underlined that it is only for healthy fats. There are some example of food plan to follow:

  • The first version is to have a fast carb, a slow carb and also protein. This can be found in the menu of spaghetti with meatballs and combined with salads.
  • Second version is to have 3 slow carbs and a protein. This can be found in grilled chicken combined with salads.
  • The third version is fast carb and protein. This can be found in a menu such as turkey sandwich.

As what are seen above, it is true that this is a food lovers diet. This diet is for food lovers and it can be seen that there are still delicious menus. This can be possible because the key of this diet program is about good combination of carbohydrate and protein. Protein must always be in the menu since this is the agent that can make the body burn fat and sugar well. Adding healthy fat as much as a tablespoon is good to give additional nutrition. For the snacks, it is recommended to have fruits such as apple to give better trigger for metabolism.

Composition of food lovers diet

Then, there should also be information about the foods in the category of carbs and protein as found in food lovers diet. In this case, these are some information about it.

  • For the lean protein, it can found in pork tenderloin, eggs, fish, pork, beef and poultry.
  • The fast carbs can be found in potatoes, bagels, dried fruits, muffins, and pasta.
  • Slow carbs can be found in carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, squash, legumes, eggplant, and artichoke.
  • Free carbs can be found in sprout, mushroom, cabbage, lettuce, and celery.
  • Then, fats can be found in peanut butter and common butter, bacon, mayonnaise, sausage, and cream cheese.