Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss: An Emotional Weight Loss Journey That’s Sure to Inspire You

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If you’re obese, losing weight is certainly one of the biggest personal goals of your life. However, while losing a few pounds here and there isn’t going to be a struggle by any means, trying to knock off tens of them certainly would.

This is a huge reason why so many overweight people that decide to do something about their weight issues end up failing just a few months of making the effort. But then, there are also some that stand out and become an inspiration for others who are finding the journey to a healthier self extremely challenging.

The Gabourey Sidibe weight loss story is exactly the kind of inspiration that we are talking about – the kind of inspiration that you probably need. Gabourey Sidibe has been all over the news as she has been flaunting her amazing weight loss.

If some of the news reports are to be believed, the Empire actress has managed to shed as many as about 100 pounds. Apparently, this is her effort to go deeper into the world of modeling and make Hollywood more body-inclusive.

Her inspiring weight loss journey has helped her be an ambassador of the body-inclusiveness campaign – tagged as #ThisBody is Made to Shine. She is actually just one of the few women celebrities leading the campaign, which doesn’t really come off as a surprise given that she’s actively working on promoting Lane Bryant’s fall series – a company that’s well known for making clothes of all sizes, including for obese people. And of course, with the kind of weight loss results she has achieved, there’s probably no one out there that fits the role better than her.

And while Hollywood isn’t exactly short of women celebrities who have transformed their bodies big time, the Gabourey Sidibe weight loss story still manages to stand out. This is primarily because she has lost about an unbelievable 100 pounds, which is certainly quite impressive for someone in the world of glamour and stardom.

Yes, while her weight loss campaign and efforts may have started as back as in 2009, it’s only been a few months that her photos started revealing some amazing change. Gabourey Sidibe admits to hating mirror selfies as recently as in 2016; however, she says that she now does them daily.

It’s also interesting to note that she has never really been a “small” girl right from her childhood. In fact, she revealed that her first diet started when she was just 6.

High school, not so surprisingly, was horrible for her. She also had many haters (and perhaps still does), who never really thought she deserves to be in the industry of glamour and fashion, where your body must do all the talking for you.

Perhaps this is also one of the major reasons she has been so active with her campaign of body-inclusiveness in the industry; she probably doesn’t want others to go through what she did.

Something Worth Noting…

Now, let us tell you that she’s still not done. She said in no uncertain terms that her weight loss journey is still as alive as it ever was, as she works on getting even healthier and get her weight further down. Apart from that, it’s also important to note that although she has apparently been consistent with her efforts since about 8 years now, most of her amazing change has been seen only in the past year or so.

The point we are trying to make here is that if you’re extremely obese and looking to lose a lot of weight, it’s not going to be a quick game. You might as well keep working hard on your body for a good few months, but with little to no success.

However, you must understand that this period may somewhere be setting your body up for the big changes, as we see in the case of Gabourey’s weight loss. That said, the key takeaway here is that you must be consistent, regardless of whether you see any major changes in the short term or not.

What Does Gabourey’s Weight Loss Plan Looks Like?

Gabourey Sidibe Weight Loss

Well, now that you know the kind of approach you need to achieve results like Gabourey, let’s find out a few things about how she managed to pull off the feat.

First, as we hinted above, she has apparently been on a very strict diet since years. Didn’t we say consistency is the key here?

Now, the exact foods to be included and avoided from your diet may depend on several factors. However, the general approach to a weight loss diet would be to include fresh veggies, fruits, nuts and dairy products, while avoiding processed and junk foods, carbonated drinks, red meat, beef, fried foods and more.

Some sources say that she also has a celebrity trainer and nutritionist helping her with her rather challenging weight loss journey. And of course, besides dieting, workouts and a healthier lifestyle, too, have apparently been a key to the weight loss that she is so proud of today.

Though we can’t tell for sure – as the Empire star hasn’t been very open about her weight loss techniques – avoiding smoking and drinking, too, is an important part of a healthier lifestyle that she’s believed to have switched to years back. Similarly, intense cardio workouts have likely worked wonders for her, as without the right kind of exercise, even a strict, low-calorie diet may not help you go far.

Her healthier lifestyle might also be including a better sleep quality and working on her stress levels, among many other factors. Although these may not seem anything groundbreaking, they may eventually end up making quite a difference to the overall results.

Finally, let us also add that her rather emotional weight loss journey has been inspiring many of her fans. Gabourey has been documenting her weight loss in pictures on the popular social network Instagram since last year, and has received a lot of fan praise.

A huge number of her fans have commented about how it inspired them to work on their health and body, too.

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