15 Ways To Get Motivated To Lose Weight

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How to get motivated to lose weight is the biggest question of them all. If or when you lose motivation, the result you have achieved will soon disappear and you will gain more weight than ever before! That’s why it is important to keep yourself motivated and focus on your goal. Maybe it sounds difficult, but this is actually very easy to achieve if you know what should and what shouldn’t be done. That’s why we got in touch with nutritionists and weight loss gurus to give you the best, scientific ways to keep yourself motivated while losing weight. All of the following methods actually work and now you will see why.

1. Visualize yourself as a person with suitable weight

Visualizing yourself, with suitable weight is crucial for losing weight. The entire energy can come from this simple way which allows you to imagine how you can look. In essence, it is like being able to predict your realistic future. According to most experts, this way is the most effective one because it offers you a reward, by showing you how your end goal will look like. Without it, most people lose the desire to lose weight, simply because they don’t know how they will look afterward.

You should notice that we used words like suitable weight and realistic future. It is mandatory to be realistic, or you may fail! According to the University of Pennsylvania, individuals who imagine themselves in the near future, looking perfect (not realistic) fail to lose weight. They are not equipped for unforeseen situations, which are common in weight losing battles!

2. Public commitment

Here we have another weight loss motivation that seems to be more than just successful. Basically, you should post on social media and tell your friends in person that you are going to lose weight (not planning but going). This is a public commitment which has a positive effect on the motivation because it literally forces people to try harder and to be more persistent. If they fail, there will be a certain amount of shame, which we all hate.

One study proved that individuals, in this case, smokers, who decided to post their goal on social media obtained a higher success rate than smokers who didn’t perform a public commitment. Some of you may link this way to willpower, but it is a completely different story. Most experts will tell you that using willpower to reach your goals isn’t a right thing to do. You will simply run out of it, before reaching the final goal.

3. Set your personal goal

If you set a goal that is simply unrealistic, you will fail. It isn’t possible to lose 50 pounds of weight in 1 week, nor will it be ever possible.  Losing weight slowly is a much better alternative. By doing so, weight loss will stay permanently, while in a case of significant weight loss over a short period of time, weight always returns. On the other hand, when you set a realistic goal, you will be satisfied with the progress and you will be motivated for much longer.

Keep in mind that one pound consists of 3.500 calories. In other words, you should burn 3.500 calories after you burn daily intake of calories to lose weight. A simple workout can burn 500 calories per day; cutting out 500 calories from your daily intake is possible as well. Still, the combination of these two usually works the best.

4. Teamwork is another recommended way to stay motivated

How to get motivated to lose weight all by yourself? It is difficult, and for some people impossible. That’s why most diet gurus recommend that finding a partner is the best thing to do. We agree because we know that individuals who had a partner during their weight loss processes lost more weight than those without them. Motivation to lose weight will come as a product of rivalry, jealousy or even from fun gained from exercising.

There are some tricks. First one is to find a partner who is similar to you in age and in the plan. Finding a partner who is twice of your age will be a mismatch, giving you negative results. The situation is the same if you feel anxious or depressed while exercising with a partner. Important: Make sure your partner assists you in a healthy diet, exercising or both.

5. Start learning a new skill

This is an important way to maintain your motivation for weight loss. In fact, it may be the ultimate way to some people. The first step in answering the how to get motivated to lose weight is to choose something you always wanted to learn. For some, it is rock climbing, for others salsa and for some it Tai chi. No matter what you choose, you will be exposed to routine, exercising and even people who like doing the same thing as you. All of the mentioned skills have one thing in common. All of them require physical activity, which is essential for losing weight.

An additional tip that you may want to use is to pay for classes in advance. By doing this, you will have greater motivation to continue taking classes, or you will throw your money!

6. Spending more time with slim people

Maybe this sounds like a weird way because at the first sight is suggests that you should stop hanging with ‘’non-slim’’ people, but it isn’t the truth. You can still spend as much time as you want with all of your friends, but the accent is in spending more and more time with people who have an ideal weight. This is preferable because several studies have proven, spending more time with slim people will give you a better motivation to look like them.

This is one of the reasons why going to the gym is more successful than exercising at home.

7. Not eating is a threat

If you want to motivate yourself to lose weight in a safe way, you will have to use this suggestion. In simple words, you will have to think of the time when you are not eating as on a threat. You will be burning calories, but you won’t add new ones. By thinking like this, you get a much better motivation, transferred from the feelings associated with threats. If you prefer you can even think of this time frame as a rest or some positive time of a day.

Additionally, we should explain why this is an important part from a medical perspective. When we eat all the time (more than usual), our body has a hard time processing all that food. It causes poor mood, which has a negative effect on the motivation.

8. Eating more carbs and protein

This method doesn’t mean that you should eat more good carbs and protein than usual. It just means you should maintain or slightly increase their amounts while reducing the amounts of all other nutrients. The importance of motivation is huge. First of all, you will eat less than usual and you will have more energy than before. This occurs because your body will produce more energy, but also release it over a longer period of time.

Thanks to this advantage, you won’t think about food as often as before, and you will think that you eat less than ever before. Ideal for further motivation. In addition, you won’t think of motivation as often as before, but it will always be present.

9. Using a reward system

Getting motivated to lose weight is much easier if you have a reward system. As the name suggests, all you have to do is to give yourself a reward each time you complete a mission and reach a goal. There is no point in mentioning that a reward should be something that cannot be eaten. A gym equipment, new sneakers or a new bike are the best rewards you can give to yourself. This method is so effective that it is also used by diet professionals to help their clients lose more weight.

The secret behind this method is related to the human nature, which develops in the childhood. A reward is given upon accomplishment, which is also related to positive feelings. In other terms, a reward will make you move forward even harder.

10. A morning mantra

Each time when you woke up in the morning, you would read a morning message you left for yourself. In general, it should be something like ‘’I just lost 1 pound. A few more and I will wear my green bikini on the beach.’’ A morning mantra is a combination of the positive feelings and goal accomplishment, which is in essence recipe for motivation. How to get motivated to lose weight will actually depend on the message you write down. Ideally, it will be a mixture of accomplishment, a desire, and a plan. In addition, it should be personal, not generic!

11. Choosing a suitable role model

Almost all people who want to lose weight assume that having a role model helps. It actually helps, but not on the way you think it is. First and foremost, a role model should be chosen according to his or her accomplishments and the story behind that, not by the looks. These role models have a much bigger impact on the motivation than anything else. If you want to know how to get motivated to lose weight with the help of a role model, all you have to do is to find a person that is mentally similar as you, or like your ideal personality.

The most common issue here is choosing a role model according to the photograph. For instance, placing a wallpaper of a celebrity will keep you motivated for 1 month, but after that it will be useless. Interesting: A study conducted in the United Kingdom, by Richard Wiseman deduced that only 10% of 5.000 people will lose weight if they use a photo of a celebrity as a role model.

12. Using regret

The simplest method to get what you want is to use regret. By not doing something, you will feel regret, obviously. The main goal is to think about it as much as possible. By doing this, you will get a greater motivation to correct that and to eliminate the regret. It is a common method all dieticians have been using for years, simply because it works in 88% cases.

On the other side, we have those who don’t regret making a mistake or a setback. This means that they won’t think of that failure, which suggests they won’t get the motivation out of this method. If you are one of them, move to the next method.

13. Keep a journal

Keeping a journal is an easy task that has a huge impact on the weight loss motivation and the result. The study conducted at the Kasier Permanente’s Center for Health Research discovered that all people, who keep a journal, lose two times more weight than those who don’t. They explained that this is related to the positive thinking. In other terms, you will be writing what and when you eat, meaning that you will be able to monitor your progress and to adjust it correspondingly.

Another side of the story is that the more you think about food, the less you will eat it. No matter which alternative actually works for you, it is a great way to lose weight without making any sacrifices to your lifestyle or even diet.

14. Be prepared for setbacks

You know by now that losing weight is a time-consuming and a difficult task that doesn’t work without proper motivation. But, if you really know how to get motivated to lose weight you will understand that setbacks are essential and they cannot be eliminated. This is actually in our nature and no matter what we do, at least once we will fail to reach our daily expectations. Remember that reaching daily expectations is less significant than the end goal.

That’s why it is important to deal with a setback when it occurs. Don’t lose hope nor motivation. Simply add that to your journal and move on. There are high chances that several setbacks will only make you even more motivated.

15. Using a mirror

Using a mirror method was invented by teenagers in the United States. Nowadays, it is one of the most popular ways to keep yourself motivated and to lose weight easier than ever. The simplest of them all, this method simply ensures you to remember how fat you are. It probably sounds terrible, but by looking at yourself, you will remember what your goal is. It is to lose weight, meaning that you should eat less. That’s why we recommend carrying a mirror anywhere you go, especially in restaurants or coffee houses.

A similar method some women use is to try an old dress before a meal. When they see that the dress is too small, it will boost the motivation during the lunch time. A similar, but less effective method can be used by men and their sports clothes.

The final word

Now you know how to get motivated to lose weight and how to stay in this mood during the entire process. All of these ways are effective, safe and they are simple to follow. Don’t forget that all of them, can be used equally, but if this is too difficult for you, it is possible to use a few of them. Also, make sure you use those that are the most relevant for you. Maybe it is the first or the last one here, but the goal is to get motivation and lose weight.