17 Ways to Get Rid of Water Weight Fast

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When you become an adult, you start to deal with a lot of problems and one of them, a frustrating one of great importance actually, is water weight. In a normal state, water is part of the body at a rate of 60% and it is a very important component. Have you ever asked yourself what is water weight? The excess water retention, known as edema, is a chronic inflammation side effect. The health problems that can cause edema are: toxin exposure, food intolerances, kidney failure, disorders that affect the lymphatic system or a poor diet. In women, the water weight problem may be also present during pregnancy or in the menstrual cycle.

Many people don’t consider the water weight as a health problem which is very serious, but it can still have a negative impact on the quality of your life and on your appearance as well. There is a test you can take to see if what you see on your belly is water weight or not: tweak it, pull and then let go. If it starts to shake with a curly and quick motion, then you most certainly carry fluid that you believed was fat. However, there are known advices that can teach you how to get rid of water weight, naturally, safe and also fast. Why neglect them if they can make you feel whole again?

Known symptoms of water retention are:

  • Some body parts start to swell – hands, feet, ankles
  • Bloated belly
  • Weight is fluctuating, but never the same
  • The joints feel stiff
  • Other parts of the body feel stiff and ache
  • The indent may remain for a few seconds on the skin when you press it

The known causes why the water weight appears are:

  • Gravity – maintaining the standing position for a long period of time
  • The reaction of the body to the hot weather – it is not so efficient to try to eliminate the excess water from the body during the summer
  • Pregnancy – the hormones stimulate the body to retain fluid in excess
  • Burns – all types of burns make the skin to retain excess fluid
  • The menstrual cycle and its associated hormones
  • The pill – it is known to get the body to retain water
  • Food with a lot of salt
  • Dietary deficiencies – insufficient vitamin B1 or protein
  • Chronic venous insufficiency – the veins of the legs have weakened valves
  • Medications – some medication can help the body to retain water, like: corticosteroids, high blood pressure drugs and anti-inflammatory non-steroidal medication

1. Eat Food That Has a Lower Quantity of Sodium

Everything people eat has an amount of salt, even if it small or in large quantities. Salt is also present in every home and also on the table at each restaurant. Salt contains sodium (Na+), a common electrolyte existent in your body that is very important for the hydration levels and that can create imbalances. The side effect of too much sodium is that the body needs to store water in excess because of its presence. This is why each person should be careful with the amount of sodium consumed, the extreme changes he or she makes in the daily diet and read all the product labels. This can be a tricky situation for those who consume very much salt at a meal. There are no substitutes for it, so be careful and try reducing the amount in time at least.

2. Try to Drink More Water to Eliminate the One in Excess

How to Get Rid of Water Weight

Have you wondered how to get rid of water weight fast and safe? It sounds strange to say: “drink water to lose water weight fast and safe”. In fact, it is so true. If you are not drinking the indicated amount of water per day, your body will retain more of it for a healthy balance. Then, the human body tries to get rid of the water in excess and if you don’t drink in the same time to maintain the existent balance, it will throw away too much water than it should.

Drinking an optimal amount of water daily can maintain the liver and the kidneys healthy and this can have a good implication in the future in the case of water retention. It can also keep your body healthy, help you lose fat and improve the brain function. However, you should not drink more water if you already feel hydrated. Don’t drink just to drink if you don’t feel you need to drink anymore. This can increase the water weight and cause other problems.

3. Make a Regular Program of Exercises

During a hard set of exercises, your body eliminates the water in excess through sweat. You can lose between 0.5 and 2 litres per hour, but this depends on the temperature and your clothes. While you exercise, an amount of water goes into your muscles and this can help in decreasing the “fluffy” look that most people hate when it comes to water retention. Remember, though, to drink water when you are working your body. It is indicated to make an appointment at a gym and then a spa and use a steam room or a sauna to eliminate all the water weight that has still remained in the body.

The exercises make you have an activity and also work your muscles. When you sweat, your body starts regulating its temperature. While the water retention is not just water, but trapped sodium ions underneath a layer of skin, your sweat will be salty because of it. If you go in the sauna for example and drink water while you are in there, you will see that, after a while, your sweat will taste like water instead of salt. This means that you got rid of the amount of sodium in excess and also the fluid that was masking your muscles.

4. Fasting Is One Way to Lose Water Weight Fast

If you want to lose water weight fast, you should think also of the fasting method. You can choose any of the 14 hours or 16 hours options and keep in mind that if you still offer water and electrolytes to your body and you don’t do an intense workout, it will maintain the energy levels the same. On the other hand, if you try to work out while you are in fasting mode, you will see that you won’t be able to have enough strength for it. For those who are beginners in the art of fasting, these hours without food will seem endless, but the body will adjust to use the already deposited fat instead of the food we give it on the spot.

5.  Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Unfortunately, alcohol dehydrates the human body in such a way that you won’t seem to get enough water to drink to satisfy your thirst once you get up in the middle of the night. When it is in this state, the body tries to gather any water it finds in the system and take it as the primary water source. In this case, the excess fluid will not be naturally evacuated, but retained in great amounts. Every diet there is says that it is best to avoid alcohol because it makes you fat. This water weight is one of the reasons.

6. Think About Drinking Some Cranberry Juice Sometimes

You can’t drink only water because your body needs and demands something more at a point. If you also had a thing for acid juices, then it is quite clear that your body will crave for a glass of that sweet thing now and then. You can offer it something healthy and that can help with your water problem in the same time. It is known that cranberry juice is used by women when they are on their periods, but this is not the only thing it can be used for. It helps your body to flush out completely the water in excess and the free radicals through its antioxidant properties. The label is very important to be read before you buy the juice because it contains sugar and you should choose one that has less.

7. Choose What You Eat

It has always been very important to choose what you eat. The proper nutrition can offer you the chance to eliminate the water in excess. A “carbs free” diet (no bread, no sugar) and added protein should be kept in order to balance your body and free it from the surplus of water that bloats it. Your diet may include food that is rich in potassium, like beans, avocados, dark green vegetables with leaves, bananas, yogurt and tomatoes. It helps the body produce more urine and balance the levels of sodium. You should also eat: cabbage, broccoli, sweet potatoes,  beets, asparagus, onions, parsley, leaks, pineapple, grapes, kiwi, prunes and watermelon that contains a lot of liquid good for your hydration. As a sweet thing you can choose the dark chocolate and cacao. Each food you cook should be seasoned with herbs known for their water weight loss properties, like: ginger and dandelion. You should not use salt in excess when you cook and make your body understand it won’t get it in the same amount in the future either.

There are several herbs and foods recommended and known in the alternative medicine to help the body eliminate the excess of water:

  • Horsetail
  • Corn silk
  • Hibiscus
  • Parsley – the tea made from Parsley can be drank for three times a day.
  • Fennel seeds – the tea is made from one teaspoon of seeds and can be drunk after ten minutes of infusion, thrice a day.
  • Garlic
  • Nettle – one teaspoon of powdered Nettle root can make one of the three cups you should drink each day.

While you start eating those from above instead of your daily food routine, you may need to know that the other foods that were bloating you need to be fully eliminated, like: foods with a lot of fiber, highly processed foods, dairy and sometimes beans. You should also search for low-FODMAP food and give it a try to see how you feel. If you don’t choose to fast, don’t starve yourself because when you start to eat after a few hours of pain and hunger feeling, you won’t be able to stop. On the other hand, if you stop eating before you feel totally fed, your stomach will start shrinking and this can only bring you joy because you will need to eat less now.

8. Teach Your Body and Mind to Sleep More

If you want to know how to get rid of water weight through sleep, remember that sleep is also important for your body, like the exercises and diet are. The lack of sleep and the tiredness can have an effect on your sympathetic renal nerves that are found in the kidneys and that maintain the water and sodium balance. During sleep, the body works similar to a plumbing system and attracts the toxins away from the brain. The perfect amount of sleep hours, between 7 and 9 hours, can offer your body the possibility to reduce the water retention and provide the needed control over the hydration levels. Sleep also makes you think sharper and concentrate easier. If you start exercising after a short night, you will not be able to work out more than a few minutes and you will start feeling dizzy. This is not a good thing. Your health is more important because when the brain gets tired, it can give you memory loss or much more serious issues.

9. Reduce the Level of Daily Stress in Your Life

The long periods of stress in your life can multiply the number of released cortisol hormone. It is the one that influences and deals with water weight and fluid retention. Together, the cortisol along with stress can also cause a multiplication of the antidiuretic hormone, known as ADH, that maintains the body’s water balance. The ADH sends some signals directly to the kidneys with information about the amount of water they need to send back into the body. If the stress level is controlled, the ADH and cortisol remain at a normal level and the body stays healthy. Stress is a principal problem nowadays because of the long hours people endure at work, the less hours of sleep and the home routine that has to occur in a few free hours. The idea of free time does not apply even in a holiday that is usually too short for one to get some rest or enjoy it to the fullest. If you don’t manage your levels of stress, it will consume you entirely.

10. Include Electrolytes in Your Daily Vitamins

How to get rid of water weight fast? Easy. The minerals with electric charges are called electrolytes. Potassium (K+) and magnesium are electrolytes that are very important for the body and that helps regulating the water balance. At the moment when their levels are too high or too low, the electrolytes can modify the fluid balance which may cause water weight. The electrolyte intake should be tailored to the water intake and keep in mind that if the amount of water you normally drink is large, you will need more electrolytes in your system to keep the balance. If your home is located in a hot or humid environment or you go daily to the gym, you will have to increase the electrolytes dosage to replace the ones you have lost through sweat. On the contrary, if you take electrolytes from the food you eat and you don’t drink enough water daily, you will have an opposite effect and gain water weight.

11. Magnesium Supplements are Welcomed to Be a Part of Your Life

As mentioned above, magnesium is one of the key electrolytes your body needs to maintain a water balance. It is also used as a supplement for sports performance and health in general. Between the 600 roles it has for the human body, there are two that are addressed to females: reduces the premenstrual syndrome (also known as the PMS) and the water weight. It acts hand in hand with potassium and sodium, another two electrolytes with big spots at the “healthy body” table. the water balance is kept under control by those three musketeers.

12. The Dandelion Supplement Can Make Your Life Easier

The alternative medicine makes use of the dandelion herb, also known under the Latin name Taraxacum officinale, exactly as a treatment for water retention in the body. In the most recent period, the athletes and bodybuilders also use the dandelion to be able to enter in a weight category or to get rid of water weight for aesthetic purposes. The effect this herb has affects the kidneys. The frequency of urination is increased for a period of 5 hours and the additional sodium and salt will be eliminated. Dandelion as a herb, as mentioned above, can also be used when you cook to season the meal, instead of the problematic salt.

13. Carbohydrates Are Bad For Your Water Weight

Are you wondering how to get rid of water weight through a “carb free” diet? There are also ways to lose water weight naturally, as mentioned above. The liver and muscles store carbs as glycogen, but this one also retains water inside. Each gram of glycogen can store from 3 to 4 grams of water. People that renounce at carbs will feel like they are reborn when they see the weight loss they achieved through this sacrifice. Your body needs to be fed in a natural way and it also needs to understand that the food it has been receiving so far was not good. The body should use the already gained fat to produce energy while it does not receive any more food. The liver can’t work properly while you are sleeping, so the last meal you have should be with at least two hours before going to bed. Otherwise, the fat from the food will end in bad places.

The hormone insulin in large numbers is also the work of the carbs. It can make the kidneys to retake the excess water and maximize the sodium retention. The insulin levels can drop and also the water and sodium from your kidneys will disappear only with diets that contain low carbs. On the other way around, if you are on a diet or you don’t eat many carbs, a meal with more carbs than usual can increase the water weight and add fluid to your muscles.

14. Caffeine Can Help You Lose Water Weight

The high caffeine content of tea and black coffee is the primary element that makes them effective. The caffeine can decrease water weight and increase the urine output for a short time. There was a study in which the participants were offered a glass of water with caffeine and without caffeine. Those that drank the one with caffeine had an increased volume of urine. Caffeine does not dehydrate the body, even if it is a mild diuretic. Try to drink them without sugar and also try to substitute any juice full of sugar with a good home made tea. You should make sure that the tea is natural and that you give it time to infuse before you drink it so it can keep all of its properties.

15. Your Bad Habits Should Be Changed

Some of the bad habits a person can have are the consumption of salt in excess and the meals composed from processed foods. Another bad thing to do is to sit on a chair for a long part of the day. This can affect the blood circulation by reducing it and can also cause other health problems related to the spine muscles. On the other hand, if you choose to have a physical activity, you can improve your circulation, maintain your muscles alert all the time and eliminate the water in excess through sweat. Some medications can also have as a side effect the water retention. In this case, you should ask your doctor about this and try to find a way to avoid the water weight effect. The food you eat can cause inflammation or digestive issues, but you should be careful what you eat daily. Don’t exaggerate with these bad habits because you are the only one that has to suffer afterwards.

16. Water Pills and their Prescription

How to get rid of water weight with the help of water pills? These pills act directly on your kidneys and activate them to produce urine that will eliminate the amount of salt and water in excess. The diuretic pills are prescribed to people that present lung or heart problems to reduce swelling, improve blood pressure and prevent fluid buildup. These pills should not be taken without a prescription from a doctor.

17. Take a Pose in Front of the Mirror

It sounds strange, but in fact it can be an important part of the water weight reducing process. Even if  you don’t believe it can help in any way, you should try and you will see the difference. You can see the detail of your muscles under the fluffy skin and you can also gain a better control over your muscles. You can try to flex one of your muscles in particular, for example the quadriceps or the deltoid muscle. This can also help you establish a connection between your mind and your muscles and control them while you are in the middle of a resistance training. In time, you will be able to observe that the muscles start to appear and the water under the skin layer is actually gone.


It is really important to avoid keeping too much water in your system. As mentioned before, it can cause a lot of serious health problems that are much harder to deal with. If you want to enjoy life and be happy with who you are, you should follow these advices and eliminate the water in excess from your body.