10 Ways To Lose Weight After 40

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Have you ever heard of the saying “40 is the new 30”? Although age is but a number, your body’s metabolism does experience certain changes especially after certain ages. Every once in a decade or so your body lets you know you are closer to adulthood or seniority and you have to act accordingly. What you used to do in your 20s, such as party until the morning, staying up for 40 hour straight only with coffee and good company or going the long hours without eating or properly hydrating may not be the case once you turn 40. Your metabolism is starting to slow down and, sometimes, you may experience difficulties to lose weight or stay as fresh as you used to do. However, you should not despair. You are wiser, you are stronger, you reached your full potential and, most probably, you already have it all figured it out. You are beautiful, strong, reliable and, most importantly, fully independent. You have built your career and now it is time to enjoy life even more than you used to a few decades ago.

On the other side, almost 60% of the total American population is either obese or overweight, regardless of their age. What is even more alarming is that people over 40 rarely get the chance to acquire the desired body weight and more and more children suffer from obesity due to poor dietary habits and uncontrolled amounts of sugars ingested. Nevertheless, if you are willing to change your lifestyle and adopt a healthier attitude towards diet, exercising and sleep, no matter the age you can make sure you will lose the desired amount of weight, stay in shape, and in complete balance with your body. Here are the most important tips on how to lose weight after 40:

How is your age affecting your weight?

Between the age of 30 and 60, you will lose around half a pound of muscle, but gain one pound of weight each year. Muscles are obviously more active than fat as they help boost your metabolism and ensure a healthy body with high mobility. Because you are more likely to gain fat means that if you stick to your diet you used to have during your 20s, you will gain more weight even if you exercise regularly. Exercises can help but adding them to a stressful career, daily struggles and a family life and you will easily realize that the physical amount of time you have to exercise diminishes each day. Under these circumstances, the easiest way to keep on the track and maintain your ideal body weight has very much to do with your daily food choices.

Take into consideration that once you reach 40, you approach menopause which also means loads of hormonal unbalances your body struggles to get used to. Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to lose weight even after 40 years old, as long as you stay true to the cause and admit to only a cheat day per week. Also, as a general rule, if you want to learn how to lose weight after 40 regularly without starving yourself you should stick to a diet around 1,400 calories per day but never under 1,200 calories per day.

Watch the wine

Women in their 40s know exactly how to put an end to a stressful day at the job and that is, often enough, by cracking a bottle of wine. Whether you enjoy it with your partner after a delicious and romantic dinner or simply stay out for drinks with your colleagues, or even go for a night out with the girls, the constant remains the same – wine. In all its forms, from dry to demi-dry and sweet, from the sparkling prosecco to wine-based cocktails, white, rose or red – wine represents the most in demand alcoholic drink for women after 30. But it is easy to lose count of the calories when you are having fun in a good companionship. Unfortunately, apart from a massive hangover in the morning, wine also comes with plenty of calories. It contains 120 calories per glass, meaning you can easily reach 400 calories without even knowing and without taking into consideration the dinner. Add that to a late dinner and not enough time for your stomach to digest all that and you will often find that you gained weight instead of losing.

This also applies to other types of alcohol, whether talking about beer or cocktails. Cocktails are even more dangerous for your health as they contain massive amounts of sugar which will turn into fat and cellulite. So, if you want to keep your body in a good shape and avoid further weight gains, stick to only one glass per dinner or decide to cut to the half the amount of wine/ alcohol beverages you drink per week.

Get enough sleep

It was scientifically proven that women need, on average, 30 minutes more of sleep than men but this amount of sleep only decreases with age. Long office hours, having to fit everything in your tight daily schedule as well as requiring at least one hour for yourself may lead to insufficient rest. If you are working on a night shift or have to wake up extremely early in the morning you will only feel more tired by the day. If you don’t get enough sleep during the night you will not be able to perform well at your job but also you will lack the energy to stick to a healthy diet or do your exercises. In time, sleep privation can lead to a wide series of health affections, including not being able to lose weight the way you want it. So, if you want to feel more energized throughout the day you should sleep at least 7 hours per night, no matter what.

Do exercises according to your age

Physical activity is an important part of looking after one’s body and trying to lose excessive weight. However, not many people decide to exercise according to their sex, age and physical proportions. There is a certain set of exercises which, combined with a good diet will work for anyone but you should find yours. In case you don’t have the necessary funds to appeal to a sports guru or a personal trainer, try taking into consideration the following advice.

Although all types of physical activities are good for the body, some may be better and help you acquire the desired body weight faster. If you are a woman over 40 years old and struggle to lose some pounds, take yoga into consideration. It is important to live according to your body’s age and prepare for the changes that surface every decade or so. Yoga is the perfect type of exercise for women who did not start to age yet but are on the verge to. Practicing yoga regularly, you will have a better control over your body, increase your flexibility, strengthen your muscles, reduce stress and also boost blood circulation. Moreover, yoga practices may improve your sexual life also as they work on the way your muscles flex and help you discover new erogenous zones.

As previously mentioned yoga also works on your spirit by allowing you to put away negative emotions and thoughts and only focus on meditation and achieving inner piece. Although you may find it difficult at the beginning, yoga is truly the best way to keep fit and also work on your emotional problems without struggling too hard.

Slow down

Being a career woman or simply looking after your family are both fulltime jobs requiring attention and your constant worries. This means that you may often not find the necessary amount of time for cooking or eating. And, as well know, regular eating habits represent the fundamental stone of a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. In an ideal world, you would have enough time for everything throughout the day without squeezing in 40 “last minute” projects that will only take “little” of your time. Come the night, you will often realize you cannot remember when was the last time you took a bite of food or stood still for a second. Although a hectic lifestyle doesn’t change over the night, get one thing straight: you won’t be able to lose weight without eating right and on time. Avoid complicated diets imposing three main meals and three snacks in-between meals. Stick to the original three meals per day, but try to have them at around the same time.

Unfortunately, most people only have time for one-two meals per day trying to squeeze in the necessary amount of calories for the entire day in only one meal. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can do because you first put your stomach at too much effort trying to digest all the food eaten and, secondly, you will become way too tired to exercise afterwards especially because your stomach required so much time to process everything. Try to stay still for a second and simply enjoy life. Play pause to your life and allow yourself to breathe. Nothing should be perfect and not finishing all your tasks doesn’t mean you have failed at something. No matter how hectic your schedule Is, take joy in life’s small pleasures, including a good dinner with friends.


It is important to maintain a strict schedule regarding your dietary habits and not exceed 1,800 calories per day if you want to maintain your current weight or get rid of some extra pounds. However, if you are one of those people who feel the urge to uncontrollably eat their feelings out, you may consider at least putting different types of snacks in front of you. Although you may not always control your impulses of eating whenever finding yourself in a stressful situation, you can, at least, control what you eat during those times. Consider them your forced healthy snacks during the day. So, next time you feel stressed out and want to eat something, try munching on a bowl of fresh grapes, berries or carrots. Apart from having only a handful of calories, fresh fruits and veggies represent the perfect snacks throughout the day because they boost you out with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Hit the streets first thing in the morning

According to numerous studies published online, working out on an empty stomach is the best way to diminish body fat even more and easier reach your weight goals. If you want to stay fit at 40 you need to wake up early in the morning, put on your running shoes and hit the streets for a quick workout. First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, you already are in a calorie deficit which will trigger your body to consume even more energy and, thus, burn fats easier. A simple 10 minute workout routine will get you acquainted with the chilly fresh air in the morning, burn more calories and improve your entire health system. Not to mention it is the easiest way to keep counting your cardio exercises without too much sweat at the gym. If you ask me, I will always prefer a quick workout session in the nature instead of sweating my gym clothes on complicated machines indoors.

Quit eating your kids’ leftovers

As a mother you teach your children to always finish their plates before living the table. Although it may not be a bad habit, picking on whatever is left on your child’s plate is. For your own health. First of all, if your children constantly leave food on their plates may mean your portions are too big for their stomachs to begin with. Secondly, eating from your child’s plate is a big no-no because their diet does not combine with yours. Sure, it may be difficult and sometimes impossible to cook different meals for your children and for yourself, but at least stop eating from your children’s plates. You will easily end up eating much more than recommended and not be able to lose weight no matter how hard you try.

Moreover, your kids’ diet should not consist of the same aliments as yours. Remember “under construction” children require a balanced diet based on higher sources of proteins and vitamins which your body may not be able to digest as fast as your children’s stomach. In other words, abstain yourself from cleaning their plates and, instead, try teaching your offspring with smaller portions. If they are not full after the first portion they can always ask for a second one but only with the condition of finishing it full. For you, however, try sticking to a regular portion and don’t ask for a second one, no matter how tempting your cooking skills are.

Consider the pool

Another way to stay up to date to your workout schedule is to simply invest in smarter ways of physical activity. Working out should will never be a torture or a mandatory daily task if you learn to work around your own pleasures. Often enough, people over 40 years old are more prone to injuries due to sports thus they tend to become less active in time. Luckily for them, swimming represents the healthiest alternative to work around injuries and improve your body condition. Hitting the swimming pool only three times a week for three months in a row will help you lose weight faster and easier, boost your entire health system, regulate your heart beats, improve blood circulation, increase the volume of your muscles and, overall, help you achieve a sculpted and fully toned body. Not to mention it is the perfect occasion to wear your favorite bathing suits even when it’s cold outside or don’t have enough cash for a glamorous vacay.

Last but not least, try involving other family members in this activity too. If you are used to take your children to swimming classes, it may be a good reason for you to swim a mile as well. Going to the pool with your children also means an easy method to bond with them, observe their behaviors and have a closer relationship.

Cut down sugars

Sticking to your 20’s dietary habits will not get you anywhere good in your 40s. One of the most dangerous aliments in a healthy diet is represented by added sugar. Sugar often turns into toxins and carbohydrates that won’t turn into energy once consumed. Instead, they will add up to your fat cells and also create a nasty addiction. In fact, sugar it is said to be the only legal drug allowed on the market, with over 40% of the population being addicted to it daily. Sugars and artificial sweeteners can contain cancerous elements and lead to a series of nasty health problems. As a general rule, avoid fast foods and junk foods as well as over the counter pastries and sodas. Limit your weekly alcohol consumption and stay away from supermarket sweets. Control your urge of something sweet with healthier choices – fresh fruits (including bananas), dark chocolate or sugar-free sweets. Luckily for you there are a lot of healthier alternatives to sugary products in the form of raw vegan desserts only focused on natural ingredients.

Have more sex

Want to learn how to lose weight after 40 quickly, release tension and get rid of insomnias? Have more sex. A healthy sexual life in your 40s will actually help establish a deeper emotional connection with your partner and will serve you a lot of benefits for your body. Spontaneous or planned, as long as it helps you release tension and try new positions, sex is the easiest way to get rid of extra fats.