20 Easy Ways To Lose Weight In College Fast

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Ideal weight may be hard to reach, especially for students, due to a specific lifestyle. Although ideal weight can be calculated, there are many formulas that don’t provide accurate nor preferred results! The only one that is safe to use and even used at clinics is HAMWI formula. For men, it is 106+ 6 pounds per an inch over 60 inches. For girls, 100 + 5 pounds per an inch over 60 inches. Chances are high you just got a number that seems problematic. We say probably because 70% of college students severely gain weight during their college education.

Most students gain weight within the first year or even first semester, but this issue may persist through the college. In fact, students gain between 12 and 40 pounds while on college and the number of those, with overweight issues, raises up to 31% compared to 18% at the beginning of college! A good thing is that losing weight is more than just possible, and thanks to unique metabolism, it is more than just fast. If you want to know how to lose weight in college the following points must be applied to your lifestyle!

1. Eliminate stress

Obviously, most students are under huge amounts of stress each day. Maybe this sounds like an irrelevant point for losing weight, but it has a huge impact! According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and their survey back in 2013, students who have healthy diets, but are exposed to stress every day, have overweight issues, compared to students with a healthy diet but with lower amounts of stress.

Ideally, students should prioritize the diet, physical activity, but without compromising studying and education. This may be difficult, so experts recommend creating plans, regular college activities, and advanced studying techniques. Using meditation or yoga is also helpful, so we will recommend these two activities as the first and the most important tactics for losing weight easily. Important: Stress is a huge issue to the people and besides causing overweight problems, it is responsible for poor health!

2. Increasing daily consumption of water

Another, easy way to lose weight, without making any sacrifices to your lifestyle is to increase the water intake. In a case you have lower than recommended, it should be restored to the optimal levels, which are 3 liters for men and 2.2 liters for women per day. How to lose weight in college, by drinking more water is a simple question that requires a bit more complicated answer. First of all, our body consists 60% of water (brain and heart 73%, kidneys and muscles 79% and lungs 83%). Even our bones are 31% made of water!

By increasing the water intake per day, your metabolism will be quicker. It will last more than 60 minutes and it will be faster between 24 and 30%. As the result, a body will burn more calories, improve a variety of chemical processes in the body and you will even feel fuller for a longer period of time. Of all weight loss tips, this may be the most important one! It is certainly the simplest here.

3. Count the calorie intake

Generally, counting calories is a useful method to lose weight. Keep in mind that in order to lose just one pound, you will have to burn 3.500 calories more than the total intake! With food, this may be a simple and it is certainly a well-known way, but here we will place an accent on drinks. Why? Students spend a lot of time on parties, picnics or gatherings, where different drinks are common. Most of you don’t actually know how much calories a single drink has.

By reducing the beverages, you will reduce the calorie intake, which means that your body will have fewer calories to burn. Let us remind you that five beers contain 800 calories, one margarita 2.500 calories and 5 shots of almost any drink with alcohol is equal to 1.000 calories! Additional tip: Don’t play Flip Tip or Beer Pong, because you will drink more than you may think.

4. Smarter shopping

Due to lack of time, most students prefer fast shopping in the local grocery store. Most of them prefer meals and foods that can be easily prepared in a matter of minutes. The issue with this is that all of those meals are rich in sugar and calories in general. None of those meals are recommended in a healthy diet, so even if you exercise, sleep well and live a healthy lifestyle, weight gain will be a problem.

Instead of trying another solution, switch to farmer-grown foods. They are easy to buy and they are healthier than any other kind of food you may have in mind! Organic food is almost always used in healthy diet plans, so use it as well. A much simpler tip would be not to eat anything from a carton or a can.

5. Add 5 minutes to regular physical activity

Basically, physical activity is the ultimate way to lose weight. Losing weight in college by regular exercising used to be the number one solution, but due to smartphones and online temptations, most students have as less physical activity as possible. Another explanation is that they don’t have enough time! Try to remember that you actually need 30 minutes per day. 30 minutes of physical activity for the entire day combined. Even walking is taken into account, which is our next best way of losing weight.

Jumping jacks can burn up to 100 calories in 10 minutes. Going in the morning to buy food or something else? Add 5 additional minutes of walking around the campus. If you wait for something like to cook a meal or to download something, be active, do pushups or just walk around the apartment.

6. Mini-workout

Obviously, a workout is more than just an effective way to losing weight, but, the time is something that almost all students don’t have! Going to the gym requires an hour or two, 3 times per week. That’s why we believe that the mini-exercising is perfect.

The only rule here is that each exercise must last between 60 and 90 seconds. The number of repetitions should be 1, at the beginning, but later you can increase them. Exercises to perform are: pushups, squats, and chair dips. Performing these exercises per day can boost and keep our metabolism optimal for 14 hours after a workout. The best part is that the entire workout takes around 10 minutes to complete.

7. Using the stairs

This way can be categorized as an addition to the previous tactics we mentioned, adding physical activity to the lifestyle, but the truth is, it is so relevant that we must mention it separately! Weight loss for college students MUST have this alternative and that’s it! According to American Council on Exercise, one minute of walking up the stairs will burn between 5 and 9 calories per just one minute. You can calculate a number of calories you will burn per month, just by using the stairs.

Additionally, your legs and muscles in the lower part of the torso will be stronger and bigger, which is also preferred for burning more calories over a longer period of time. Addition: Burning between 5 and 9 calories is individually determined.

8. Have an early breakfast

Having a breakfast is mandatory for a general health, but it has one benefit more. Having a breakfast early in the morning will boost the metabolism, speed up the chemical processes in the body and keep you full during the rest of a day. Make sure you have milk and eggs as often as possible. These foods are known for keeping a person fill for longer than other foods common for breakfasts.

This simple trick will also make you eat less at lunch.

9. Adding fitness tracker to the process

How to lose weight in college by using a fitness tracker? The answer is very simple. When you are at the gym, exercising, you can monitor and see the amount of burned calories, covered distance and etc. But, once you finish the workout, you don’t have an idea how much calories your activities will burn. That’s why you need a fitness tracker. It will also help you make sure your activity is long enough to give you results.

The best choice is the Apple Watch, but Fitbit is useful as well. If you are looking or a cheaper alternative, even pedometer is recommended.

10. A cup of coffee per day

Scientists still have a hard time determining is a black coffee good or bad for the general health. We believe it is good and there are several reasons that need to be mentioned. First and foremost, black coffee is rich in antioxidants. However, in our case, it has a second, important benefit. Black coffee can speed up metabolism up to 11% and fat burning processes up to 29%. Some people may record lowered improvements, but all of them will record significant improvement of the metabolism and fat burning processes.

We must mention that this only applies to black coffee without milk or sugar. Adding these two to the coffee simply eliminates the mentioned benefits. Important: Black coffee is related to improved concentration and memory.

11. Set your own goals

Setting the goals is incredibly important if you want to know how to lose weight in college as soon as possible. But, make sure they are realistic. Losing 2 pounds per week is the perfect goal while losing 10 in 10 days is just an illusion. Additionally, you may want to monitor and record your progress, just to make sure you have a better motivation for the next step.

12. Workout challenge

A workout challenge is already commonly used the tactic to lose weight in a healthy way, with the help of your friend. In essence, when we exercise with a parent, friend or colleague, we tend to exercise longer and more efficiently.  Among men, this is even more pronounced, due to the common rivalry. The best thing here is a workout challenge that lasts 30 days. You and your friend will compete who will lose more weight and end up with bigger muscles (for men).

Several studies have proven that this method really works and it is 80% more effective than the equivalent 30 day workout without a partner. Addition: You can include several friends in this plan. The more people mean more rivalry.

13. Adding health, daily snacks to a diet

We all know that snacks, such as donuts as similar ones are rich in sugar and not very healthy to eat! On the other hand, we have the goal of losing weight, so how to combine these two? Actually, all you have to do is to replace snacks, with healthy snacks. The number of alternatives is immense and there are perfect snacks for each student. This tactic is useful because it helps you eliminate the ‘’starvation mode’’. In simple words, when you don’t eat for a longer period of weight because you try to lose weight, you will eventually end up eating more than usual. This occurs because a body will start storing the food in a case you expose it to hunger again. Let’s us remind you that avoid a meal isn’t healthy nor recommend.

Sugar levels will drop in your blood 3 hours after a meal. This is the perfect timing to have a healthy snack. It will maintain the boosted metabolism and better calorie burning. Recommended healthy snacks are: Kale Chips, Almond Butter, and Dry Roasted Edamame.

14. Avoid pizza as often as possible

Pizza is the favorite food for all students. It is delicious and can be ordered at any given moment. But, a single pizza (14 inches) has between 2.200 and 3.500 calories! Even a single slice has around 300 calories. Paired with beer or common drinks, this is a huge calorie intake over a shorter period of time. According to an online survey, most students eat pizza in the evening, usually while watching a game or a show. This is even worse because a body won’t be able to burn all those calories during the night, so it will store them.

The best college dieting would be without a pizza, but it is difficult, so we recommend you to eat as less as possible of this food.

15. More sleep will help you lose weight faster

Sleep is one of the three pillars of health and it is incredibly important for all of you who want to lose weight. This is possible because people who sleep between 8 and 10 hours have a better balance of chemical processes in the body, especially those responsible for glucose management. Several studies, conducted in the United States proved that people who sleep less than needed, suffer from overweight problems. This affects children and adults in equal amounts.

College students should go to bed at 11 p.m. and get up at 7 a.m. in the morning. It is essential for better hormone production as well, which is also important when you want to lose weight.

16. Fruit juice should be avoided as well

One of the most common illusions is that fruit juice is a much better than other beverages. This is a huge mistake because sugar from fruit juices is even more dangerous to the body than sugar in solid form. Students believe that a fruit juice can serve as a snack, but this isn’t the truth. In a matter of fact, 60% higher risk of gaining weight is related to this beverage. All kinds of it are almost identical, so avoid all of them if possible.

As we already mentioned, water is a much better alternative and far more relevant for weight loss plans. Try to replace these juices with ordinary water.

17. Smaller portions

If we eat less, we get fewer calories, obviously. The main aspect that must be taken into consideration is related to cafeteria trays. Maybe sounds weird, but a smaller tray will trick your brain into believing that you have enough food than needed. For example, if you have been using a large cafeteria tray, replace it with a much smaller one. Then fill it and your brain won’t notice a difference. Even better, if you want to lose weight as fast as possible, eliminate the cafeteria tray completely. Most nutritionists claim that our bodies are designed to eat only what we can carry with our both hands. This is one of the easiest methods that we have discovered, but it has a huge success over a short period of time.

18. Green tea

Green tea is known for numerous benefits it has on the body and mind. Here, we will be focused on the body-related benefits. The most relevant one is related to faster fat burning processes. Catechins, substances in the green tea are known to work in a balance with caffeine, speeding up the metabolism up to 25% and better fat burning process. Still, green tea is linked to numerous, additional benefits to the health, so we recommend drinking it even if you don’t want to lose weight.

In order to get the most from this beverage, drink a black coffee in the morning, and one hour later, drink a cup of green tea. During the rest of the day, avoid coffee and stick to the tea.

19. 5 fruits and vegetables daily

More fruits in your diet mean a better health, but it is also important for weight losing. USDA recommends 5 different fruits and 5 different vegetables per day. If you want to know how to lose weight in college without making any, huge adjustments, this is the best way. In a case, you cannot find or you don’t like fruits and vegetables, find a few different ones. It is important not to eat the same fruits every day. The same thing applies to the vegetables.

Make sure you have a well-balanced diet that consists of the vegetables, paired with fruits. As the first results, you will feel fuller for much longer and your calorie intake will be lower than usual. Addition: This method also reduces the amount of junk food and unhealthy snacks you may eat.

20. Carry your gear with you

Exercising can be performed literally anywhere and this is a huge advantage. But, how to lose weight in college when you are constantly busy. The secret is to bring your gear with you. By using this tip, you will have a higher desire to exercise when going back home or when walking somewhere.

When you choose not to carry gear, your desire to actually exercise, run or jog will be reduced, so this method may be simple, but it is definitely a trick to use.


Now you know how to lose weight in college easily and without any complicated tasks. The best thing to do is to use all of these ways, but 6-7 will guarantee you a success. On the other side, using them as long as you want to lose weight is recommended.