How to Lose Weight Overnight Like a Magic?

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Is losing weight overnight a myth? No, but it also isn’t an ideal solution to your weight loss problems. Yes, it is possible to lose a significant amount of weight overnight, but make no mistake, this weight loss is usually going to be temporary.

Sure, you may be able to keep some or a good amount of weight off for longer, but unless you go for a more permanent and “proper” solution, it isn’t going to fix your weight loss issues. That being said, there are still times when we need to look at our best, such as a special occasion or for a photo shoot.

And this is precisely when these tricks of the trade come in handy, as they help you shed a few pounds without putting your health on the line. There are many other ways of losing weight overnight, but most of them come with serious health side effects, and only temporary weight loss gains. Needless to say, they are a very bad deal.

4 Steps To Lose Weight Overnight

However, the techniques that we have discussed in this article to help you get rid of some weight real quick do not only serve their purpose well, but also do so without affecting your health in an adverse way. Sure, you may experience some muscle cramps, but that’s pretty much all about it.

Finally, let us also add that if you’re a man and looking for weight loss techniques specific for men, you can check out our article on how to lose weight fast for men. With that said, let’s jump in and find out how to lose weight overnight safely and naturally.

1. Restrict Your Sodium Intake as Much as Possible

Cutting down on your sodium intake big time is believed to be the best way to lose weight overnight. In fact, if you tend to consume a diet that’s high on sodium, you may see your weight plummeting by as much as 2 to 5 lbs overnight.

However, this requires you to avoid sodium altogether. You should completely avoid adding salt to your food. Apart from that, however, you also need to avoid all types of salty foods.

These include foods that actually have a salty taste such as salty snacks, canned soups and chips, as well as other salty foods that might not taste salty but do come with high amounts of sodium.

This is especially true when it comes to manufactured ready-made foods. It’s probably a very well known and extremely abused fact in the food industry that when salt is added to a food, people tend to consume more of it. So most readily available food in the market such as canned foods, frozen foods, breads, diet sodas, cold cereals, spaghetti sauce, etc., are believed to be high in sodium, although they may or may not taste salty.

And while these foods should be avoided anyway if you’re serious about your health, it’s an absolute must to do so for losing weight overnight. Also, if the statistics are to be believed, as many as 75 percent of the sodium in the food Americans consume comes from processed foods and restaurant foods. Hence, while trying to lose weight overnight, you need to avoid these kind of foods as well.

While sodium is an essential nutrient for our body, we usually always tend to consume much more of it than we actually need. Now, as sodium is responsible for regulating the water content in our body, more sodium essentially results in higher water weight.

The thing is, our body tries its best to maintain an optimum ratio of sodium to water. So when you consume more sodium than you need, it makes your body retain more water to maintain the optimum ratio, which eventually translates to weighing more than you otherwise would.

This explains how cutting down on sodium intake may help shed some weight real quick. Also, just to make it clear, you don’t really need to worry about not getting enough of sodium for your body while following this advice. Even while avoiding all foods that have salt added to them, you still consume just enough of sodium to not let your body experience a deficiency of the nutrient.

This is because pretty much every food you have has sodium, so even when avoiding salty foods completely, you may still very well be consuming enough sodium. According to statistics, about 98% of all Americans consume much more sodium they need anyway, with many actually consuming more than what’s considered to be the “safe” limit.

An excessive sodium intake is also linked to some serious diseases and health issues such as strokes and coronary heart diseases.

Finally, to get rid of the excess sodium that may already be present in your body you can just drink more water. The excessive water intake may help flush out the extra sodium in your body and help the water levels to return to normal.

2. Eating a Large Serving of Watermelon

Well, this is something that may surprise some of you. After all, watermelon is rich in fructose and is usually also very sweet, which means that it may affect your insulin levels negatively. The fact that watermelon has a high glycemic index makes this even more worrying.

However, what most fail to note is that despite the high glycemic index, watermelon actually also has a pretty low glycemic load, thanks to containing a lot of water. This ensures that you wouldn’t have those usual, typical insulin spikes that are a cause of worry, as you do when you eat very sweet foods. Instead, your body would be very slow to absorb the sugar in watermelon, so you really don’t need to worry about encountering the typical issues.

However, the high water content in watermelon makes it work like a natural diuretic. If you have 4-6 cups of watermelon, you would probably be urinating a lot for the following few hours, helping flush out excess sodium and the water retained by your body.

But then can’t you just drink more water instead of having watermelon? Well, there are reasons having watermelon is believed to be an ideal way of going about doing this.

First, it’s high in potassium, which helps ensure a healthy fluid balance, which may get disturbed when there’s a heavy loss of water from your body. Secondly, watermelon also comes with two important amino acids: L-Citrulline and L-Arginine.

These are believed to be crucial when it comes to keeping blood pressure under check and improving blood circulation. Citrulline gets converted into arginine, too, which further improves the blood flow of your body.

You would probably get better results if you eat all the servings at once, though spreading it over a few hours is fine, too. This would likely be followed by a few hours of frequent urinating, during which the excess sodium and water will be flushed out from your body.

Now, if you follow this and the above mentioned way of losing weight overnight, you may wake up weighing 2 to 5 pounds less. However, if you’re looking to shed as much weight as you possibly can, the third step that we are going to discuss below, too, is something you would want to consider.

3. Sleeping with Your Legs Higher Than Your Heart

The thing is, it can be quite challenging to get rid of all of your excess water weight. The fluids in your body tend to get accumulated in parts like the hands, ankles and feet, making it difficult for your body to flush them all out by simply drinking more water or having large helpings of watermelon.

However, you can get around this problem by simply sleeping in a position where your legs are higher than your heart. This makes the water fluids in the said parts of your body to move to the other parts, which then makes it easy to drain them out of your body.

Doing this will allow the watermelon you had to work more effectively at dealing with the excess water weight. In fact, you may see a surprising difference in the lower part of your body when you wake up, especially if you’re lean enough.

However, this process may make you want to urinate frequently during the night, in order to flush out the excess water weight. This is likely to be something you will experience if you follow this step along the ones mentioned above.

Another important thing to note here is that this process may make you feel tired, simply because you may not be able to get a good night’s sleep due to having to go to the bathroom a few times during the night, as well as due to sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Rest assured, however, these three steps alone may make you lose as many as 5 to 7 pounds overnight, without actually having to resort to any kind of pills or powders that tend to come with loads of side effects.

4. Get Low On Carbs

Carbohydrates are stored in your body in the form of glycogen, and each molecule of glycogen tends to need a bit of water alongside it. This means that the higher your carbs intake, the more water your body will need to accompany the glycogen molecules.

So, to reduce your water weight, it’s also going to be helpful to reduce your carb intake. And the most recommended way of doing so would be to avoid foods like sugary and refined foods. However, you also need to keep in mind that your body needs carbohydrates to carry out its important functions, so you shouldn’t ditch them completely.

But you may want to make sure that you’re only having healthy sources of good carbs, such as fibrous fruits and vegetables. They not only help your body go about carrying out its important functions, but also in processing water and making you feel hydrated.

This may also help you in dealing with your excess water weight.

The Results May Vary

Something you may want to note before going for the weight loss techniques discussed in this article is that the results tend to vary from one person to another, based on a few important factors. These factors usually include the body weight, overall muscle mass, as well as the body fat percentage.

People with a lower body far percentage are likely to have much better success with these techniques than those with a higher body fat percentage. This is because a leaner body allows for a more pronounced decrease in the excess water levels in your body.

That said, however, the steps discussed above are sure to bring about a significant amount of weight loss in pretty much everyone that follows them, though the exact numbers may vary.

The Weight Loss is Temporary

Well, although it’s almost a given, we would like to make it clear that this kind of weight loss is usually temporary, unless you decide to make an effort to keep your weight down. As a matter of fact, there’s no safe or natural way to lose a significant amount of weight overnight and keep if off for long.

Furthermore, when you lose pretty much all of your excess water weight overnight, you may even experience cramps in your muscles the next day, though there’s not going to be anything serious about it. However, it’s still recommended to have more of fruits and vegetables, especially the ones high in potassium, to deal with the muscle cramps and also to keep you from feeling exhausted.

But as we mentioned before, there’s a way to keep this weight off for longer, while you follow some other long-term weight loss techniques to find a more permanent solution. And it’s to simply do what you did to lose weight in the first place: restricting your sodium intake and increasing your water intake. This may help you to avoid regaining all the lost weight.