PCOS Symptom: Know The Best Option For Dropping Your Extreme Weight

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Nowadays, most of us are highly concerned of our appearance; however, one major problem that often prevents us from looking attractive is obesity. In fact, this obesity has become an epidemic in our society because lots of people have almost one common problem- a fat bulky figure. However, there may be several problems behind this overweight, and one of the potential factors is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Women, having this syndrome, have a high possibility of becoming obese. Besides, excessive weight may also increase intensity level of the syndrome. So, all women, who are struggling hard to cure this syndrome, want to know the best way on how to lose weight with PCOS.

If you are one of the luckiest women, who have no PCOS symptoms, then you may include anything in your daily diet. However, when you’ve traced any of the symptoms, you need to accept strict guidelines on your diet. Are you determined to remove the symptoms within the shortest period? Then, control your bodyweight with the management of diet. It is food that may either act as your best medicine or become a poison (sweetners) to you.

Now, before having a look at the right diet chart and proper treatment option, it is better to know the symptoms, causing heavy or weight figure. Obviously, your chunky and flabby body is the foremost signal of PCOS, there are some more issues to be noted-

  • Cyst in ovary
  • Infertility
  • Hirsutism (excessive growth of hair) or too much loss of hair
  • Anovulation- Losing the capacity of ovulation
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Skin issues, such as, dryness, acne, dandruff and black patches
  • Increasing blood pressure
  • High level of cholesterol

Insulin Resistance- One of the major issues, related to Polycystic Ovarian symptoms

IR, which is often considered as the major reason behind PCOS, has some direct relation to your increasing weight. It is really one of the most frustrating conditions to those, having the syndrome.

Insulin hormone plays a significant role of allowing the absorption of sugar or glucose with the body cells. While you have IR problem, your body cells may not react fast to the hormone. In normal cases, whenever you consume foods, like veggies or fish, your physical mechanism splits it for generating energy, i.e. glucose.

Your consumed food turns out to be sugar, which reaches various organs and muscles of your body through blood. If the carbohydrate enriched food, then excessive glucose may prompt your pancreas for releasing much insulin.

While you experience IR, this extra glucose level is never absorbed with cells. This condition also causes abnormal storage of fat since glucose is unable to access every cell.

Medications for curing various issues of PCOS patients

Orlistat: This is one of the medications, approved by FDA, to help you in controlling your weight for an extensive period. It prevents fat absorption in intestine and stomach. In few cases, the adverse impacts of Orlistat are irregular bloating and bowel movements. As the drug may block nutrient absorption, you have to consume foods, rich in vitamins. However, Orlistat is not usually prescribed for children, who are below twelve.

Metformin: Metformin is also one of the ways for losing weight with PCOS. Often called as Glucophage, it helps you in speeding up the loss of weight at a significant level. However, some medical experts say that there’re risks associated with this drug-

  • Increased thirst
  • Pain in muscle
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Stools with abnormal look
  • Fatigue
  • Palpitations in heart
  • Breathing problem
  • Flushing

Phentermine: This is also another remedy for losing weight with PCOS. However, the physicians recommend that you can use it only for 3 months. That is why you may not be able to see your weight control result for longer period.

Thiazolidinediones: You have to take it along with birth control medication. The medications, like rosiglitazone, also enable your body to utilize the insulin hormone. Some scientific research has proved that such drugs have the power to treat the conditions, like insulin resistance. However, it is not clear whether they are able to reduce your weight.

Clomiphene: If you have PCOS, you may have an ovulation problem, which prevents pregnancy. However, while you want to be pregnant, doctors prescribe you with this anti-estrogen drug, which is taken orally during a specific time of a menstrual series. When this is not effective for you, the physicians recommend metformin for enhancing ovulation process.

If that also gives you no result, gonadotropin is the ultimate option for you. And it is infused to your body with the help of injection. Moreover, some health experts also use letrozole, though the strength of this medication is not known to them.

Spironolactone: This medication helps in decreasing the production of androgen. It works by blocking the androgen effects on your skin. As spironolactone sometimes leads to birth-related defects, contraception may be needed with the use of drug. However, this is not recommendable during your pregnancy. To have a control over hair growth, eflornithine cream is also a solution.

Bring some changes to lifestyle with exercise and food habits

Take starch beneficial to your body

All edible starches and carbohydrates are never equal in every way. Starch, available in bananas, potatoes or beans, is known as the resistant starch. In this form of starch, you may be able to reduce the level of insulin by almost fifty percent. Thus, it is one of the best tools to help you in losing weight with PCOS. So, you can include these vegetables and fruits into your regular diet. It will allow you not only to cure IR but also to have much energy.

Never be obsessed with soft, sweet drinks

Having a tasty, syrupy drink in the morning or in the afternoon is much pleasing to your taste buds. However, it is never good for your body, especially, if you have a plan for losing excessive weight. Such drinks do not create any good result for your health. Rather, they are only adding more calories. You may drink water as much as possible, but with those calorie-enriched liquid, your insulin resistance condition may become deteriorated.

Do your exercise maintaining a schedule

It is almost a trend to become a member of a gym center. However, for PCOS patients with heavy weight, it is an essential activity. But, while you have just started your weight loss program, you may better practice exercise of only low or moderate intensity. If you haven’t found any gym club in the nearby area, you can just do swimming or walking every day for minimum half an hour.

Mild workouts will restrain IR while you maintain your exercise routine on a daily basis. You will also get a better shape in a slow and steady way.

Take rest: It’s must for your health

Many of us do not have enough amount of sleep, and it is most detrimental to those, who have PCOS problems and want to reduce weight. Inadequate sleep may also lead to several adverse effects. So, make a plan with a strong determination. A perfect bedtime schedule will enable you to have better health and to control your weight.

Stop taking tobacco anymore

Many people believe that giving up the habit of smoking may cause a lower weight. It’s true in most of the cases. Quit your habit of taking nicotine so that weight gaining symptoms for PCOS may also be alleviated. A research work has revealed that such habit may increase testosterone and insulin level. Both these factors are responsible for incredible boosting of weight.

Go for protein-based foods

A diet with high level of protein may assist you to drop much amount of weight. Presence of more protein in your body also causes a stabilization of your insulin and blood sugar. At the same time, you may reduce cravings or appetite for food. Moreover, significant level of protein ensures a development of muscles. And this increased mass of muscles is essential for controlling weight.

Strength training: Best option to start your exercise

Strength training seems to be the best way for developing muscles and for burning calories. You will feel much stronger, besides gaining a high level of stamina. However, you have no possibility to gain back the weight once more. There is no need of carrying iron for this training. Just take some weights on your hand. But, women, who have PCOS, always experience more possibilities of growing bigger muscles because of the higher level of androgen. Thus, it is better to hold only light weights in order to get excellent outcomes.

Drink tea: It has much power to lose weight

Most of the diet experts recommend that it is better to sip green tea every day in the morning or at night. While you have started relying on this tea you may see a significant loss of weight,

Green tea is able to reverse IR and enhance the power of receiving glucose in your cells. If its taste is not preferable to you, then you may add some ginger or lemon sap to it. Many supplements are manufactured by blending the extracts of green tea.

Find some ways for controlling your everyday stress

Chronic trauma and strain may lead to the rise of cortisol level. And this increased amount of cortisol causes you to suffer from IR and fat in abdomen. Some researchers have pointed out that patients, having PCOS, have more sensitiveness to cortisol. That is why you may have increasing cortisol. It promotes the production of fat in the stomach. So, try to reduce your stress with exercise, meditation and many other ways.

Other known factors, related to weight gaining problem

There are many other factors, which may be related to weight issue of PCOS patients. For example, degeneration of lever and allergy in food can also cause increasing weight. Many women with serious PCOS problems do not have highly functional thyroid, ad it is caused because of Hashimoto’s syndrome. As the thyroid does not function well, it causes lower metabolic rate. The physicians always diagnose your body and inform you about the medication, right for you.

Want to choose supplements? Find the right ingredients in them

It is now a common trend among people to depend on commercial supplements for weight reduction or any other problems. A survey on food has proved that many Americans take diet, which does not have much amount of nutrients. Some people want to use supplement to improve overall physical condition, while others like to take it to lose their weight and solve other problems.

But, no matter whether you have taken supplement, your diet plan has the major role to play. However, while you are choosing supplements, you need to ensure that those products contain all the effective elements for losing with PCOS.


Inositol may be of various types, and it is a naturally occurring carbohydrate. Usually, this compound is mentioned in many nutritional supplements. There is no risk in consuming this element. Those, who are suffering from insulin related disorders, such as, diabetes, do not have this substance in their body in significant amount. So, overcome your IR problem by having the supplement, comprising this compound.


This is also associated with the process of metabolism, particularly the metabolism of glucose. That is why it is much useful supplement to all women, who have PCOS symptoms and overweight problems. If you have taken this substance for a long time and test your tolerance to glucose, then you may find better result. Your struggle on losing bodyweight may become easier.


Lack of magnesium is also a cause of PCOS; however, this element is highly important for the proper working of your endocrine organs. Low level of magnesium is connected to diabetes and IR. Thus, test out whether this supplement has this substance in its content. The right amount of magnesium in your body helps in controlling the level of glucose. So, you can fight against PCOS and also extreme glucose level.


They are small sized seeds that are able to give various benefits to health. So, consume some flaxseeds on a daily basis, and you may alleviate the problems, like hirsutism, a symptom of PCOS. Researchers are still studying on flaxseeds to know its other effects.

Various options on surgical procedures

Losing an excessive weight or curing all the symptoms of PCOS is not always easy. Sometimes, proper food, exercise and supplements do not give noticeable results. And in this case, surgery becomes the only alternative that is helpful to you. Some people also depend direly on surgical processes without thinking of other alternatives. However, all patients may not be the right candidates for surgery:

  • BMI should be more than forty
  • You’ve serious level of diabetes, pressure and weight problem
  • You are ready to change your lifestyle after the surgical procedure

Common surgeries, recommended to cure the problem of overweight problem of PCOS patients:

Gastric bypass: In this process, the surgeon makes a small sized pouch on the stomach portion. All the liquids and foods enter directly to it from this pouch. Thus, they bypass the stomach to a significant level. This system can be more effective in compared other options. While your tiny pouch assists in growing a sense of fullness, the consumed calories aren’t utilized fully by your body.

Gastric sleeve: Many patients want to avoid it as it is a little painful. The surgeon removes a portion of your stomach, in order to develop a small food reservoir. Thus, the stomach shape may become changed. It is one of the latest processes in which you may not find lots of complications. No device is usually implanted in this type of process.

Flexible Gastric Band: While you have chosen this option, the experts separate the stomach into 2 different pouches and a band. This band is able to work just as a kind of belt. Between these pouches, there is a channel, and the main task of band is to prevent the expansion of the gap. Usually, it is placed permanently. Moreover, this process is not much invasive. You will lose your weight very steadily.

Biliopancreatic diversion: In this process also, you can find removal of a stomach part. However, this option leads to a number of risks, such as deficiency of vitamins and undernourishment. Moreover, the doctors closely observe your other physical problems. It is suitable only for those, whose BMI rate is more than fifty.

So, try out various ways to lose your weight, when you have PCOS symptoms. You should also follow your physician’s advice before taking any supplement or medication. However, as a home remedy, you have to eat the right foods and do exercise. Weight loss results may not be achievable instantly. You will experience the changes slowly.