The Best Ways To Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

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All people with a few pounds more want the same thing. They want to lose weight as soon as possible. Obviously, they believe that is the only thing they should do and after that, great looks is guaranteed. Actually, losing weight is just half of a story. After you have lost 40-50 pounds or more, you will notice that the skin is loose in the areas where the most of the fat was located. Then, you will want to know how to tighten skin after weight loss.

We must mention that loose skin after weight loss will occur regardless how slow or fast have you lost the weight. The problem itself is in the skin and severity depends on a variety of factors, which we will mention below.

Cause of loose skin after weight loss

While you had plenty of fat under the skin, it was keeping the skin stretched. Now, when the fat is eliminated, the skin is loose, obviously, because there isn’t anything to keep it stretched. Most people believe that skin is so elastic that it can tighten as soon as possible, but this isn’t the reality!

Human skin consists of a variety of different layers, cells, tissues and etc. The first layer of the skin, known as epidermis is the one we can see with a naked eye. It will be replenished countless times during the lifespan and it will adapt quickly to any change. However, the main problem lies in layers located beneath the epidermis. They are called dermis and subdermis. They consist of cells and tissues that are usually very elastic, so they will adapt to any change, but after they have been exposed to high amounts of fat that kept them stretched, they lost the ability to adapt quickly.

Statistically, older people want to lose fat more, meaning that their skin already has a few years more, so it lost the elasticity. It is a natural process that cannot be prevented, but it can be slowed down.

Factors that affect loose skin

How to tighten skin after weight loss is truly complicated and it depends on a variety of factors. Not all individuals can use the same methods, nor all methods will show results over the same period of time. In order to choose the best one for your specific skin type, you will have to pay attention to the following factors.

  • The time you have been overweight- If you were overweight for a shorter period of time, your skin will need less time to adapt. If you were overweight for a longer period of time, the skin lost most of its elasticity, so you will need more time to tighten it.
  • How many pounds have you lose- All of you who lost 100 pounds, can expect looser skin. This factor can also be paired with the amount of time you needed to lose the weight. More weight you lost, over a shorter time frame, looser the skin will be.
  • Age- With age, human skin loses the collagen, which keeps it tight. This means that older people will have a harder time solving the issue in question.
  • Genetics- This factor has a huge effect on the weight loss and loose skin issues. It cannot be generalized.
  • Sun exposure- How many hours per day re you exposed to the sun? Those who are exposed every day will have lower levels of elastin and collagen. Their skin will be seriously loose.
  • Smokers- All of you who are smokers, must know that cigarettes destroy the collagen and the skin cells. As such, they make the skin loose even when you don’t lose weight.

How to tighten skin after weight loss will depend on these factors. Why, how much and for how long the skin has been loose. One of the best preventives is slowly eliminating the possible factors from the list while losing the weight.

Although some experts claim that losing weight as soon as possible will be responsible for loose skin in larger assizes, it isn’t completely true. Even if you lose the weight slowly, the problem will probably occur.

Main problems of excess skin after weight loss

Loose skin after severe weight loss isn’t just unpleasant to see, it also causes health issues. Due to the complexity of the issue, almost every single person with the loose skin will experience one or even more of the problems mentioned below.


According to a study which involved 360 people, all of them experienced physical discomfort. The situation is even more severe with those who lost 100 pounds or more.

Reduced physical activity

Another study that involved women only, proved that 76% of 26 women had complications with the physical movement caused by the loose skin. Ever worse, almost 50% of them stopped exercising and reduced the physical activity they have.


Human skin isn’t designed to be loose, so in this form, it is prone to infections. They can be less severe, like rashes, or even more complicated that require medical treatment. This issue occurs in 45% of those who had plastic surgery to reduce skin volume.

Body appearance

With the loose skin, all individuals will have a poor image of their body. This affects further weight loosing activities and makes the situation ever more time-consuming.

Back pain

Probably the most severe health problem is back pain. Basically, it occurs due to increased front weight. The center of gravity is affected as well, which makes the spine stay in non-natural position!

You may suffer from just one problem or have all of these! In any case, a proper treatment is mandatory in order to protect your health and prevent further problems and complications.

Tips for how to tighten skin after weight loss

Here we will discuss the best and the healthiest tips, all related to tightening the skin after a severe weight loss. Most of them should be used before you even begin to lose weight, but all of them are useful in one way or another.

Lose weight gradually

Losing weight over a short period of time will increase the amount and the effect of the loose skin. Then, losing weight as soon as possible usually brings additional health issues, so it should be avoided. Those diets consist of foods that cannot provide sufficient nutrients needed for overall health and proper chemical processes inside a body.

Begin with calisthenics

Adding them 3 times a week will have a huge effect on the overall health, heart rate, muscles and skin elasticity. In essence, this is the ultimate way to make your muscles lean and to tighten the skin while doing so.

Reduce sun exposure

Maybe holidays are not perfect thing to do if you are trying to make the skin tighter. If you recall, we mentioned that sun exposure makes the skin looser even more! Then we have chlorinated water, which is commonly paired with the increased sun exposure. Together, these two issues will make the skin less elastic which will prolong the time needed for you to get rid of loose skin.

Aloe Vera and soy protein

Soy protein in a combination with Aloe Vera is commonly used in beauty products which should make the skin more elastic and slow down the aging process. However, we can use them for the issue in question. Apply them two times per day (on clean skin) on the problematic area and monitor for the results. Tip: Use this method as an addition to other ones from the list.

Drink plenty of water

Add 8 glasses of water daily and monitor the results. Hydrated body will transfer a huge amount of fluids to the skin, making it look healthier and more elastic. A higher amount of water also helps you lose more weight.

Almond oil

Rubbing this oil to the stomach will keep the skin hydrated and healthy. At the same time, it will remove stretch marks and make the skin more elastic as well. The best recipe is to apply the oil once a day before going to bed.


How to tighten loose skin using yoga? Simply, all you have to do is to practice yoga a couple of times per week. The main reason, why this kind of activity is beneficial is in the moves yoga involves. They demand a huge movement of the muscles, which directly force the skin to move, obviously. As the end result, skin is exposed to the additional activity which boosts its elasticity and recovery. In addition, yoga also helps you eliminate stress and lose weight.

Sea salt scrubs

All scientists and health experts will tell you two things when it comes to this method. It is effective for some people only, and they don’t know why it actually makes the skin tighter. It is believed that scrubbing the sea salt boosts the blood flow in the skin, making it repair itself quicker and better. Try this tip 3 times a week, 2 times per day while taking a shower. If you notice the results, continue using it.

Don’t eat junk food

Eating junk food will cause you to get weight, again, it will have a negative effect on the skin due to all the sugar and fat it contains and it contains additives which will make all other methods less effective. Avoiding junk food is a preventive and a great tip if you want to know how to tighten skin after weight loss.

Use face mask for tightening the skin

Face masks, such are egg white mask are perfect for your face. Do you know that they work on your stomach as well? Applying them two times per week is definitely an option, but this tip requires a lot of time. The first, visible results can be seen after a couple of months.

Weight training

Most people who lose weight end with exercising, due to some reasons. We will tell you to continue with it and to add weight training. By performing these types of exercise, three times per week, your muscles will increase size, directly tightening the skin.

Use sulfate-free soaps only

Soaps with sulfate are harmful even for completely healthy skin. They pull the moisture out of it and make the skin less elastic than normal. This also means that in your case, sulfate-based products are something that must be avoided. Luckily, sulfate-free products are easy to find and they are much safer to use.

Don’t try to get a tan

How many of you believe that getting a tan will make the skin look more elastic and tighter? Probably all of you. In reality is completely different. Getting a tan will make the skin even looser which is a thing to avoid. Additional: You can still be exposed to the sun, but only if you apply proper sun protection.

Visit local spa and get seaweed treatment

Here we have another, slow yet effective way to make the skin tighter and younger at the same time. If you still want to know how to tighten skin after weight loss as easy as possible, this method is for you. All you have to do is to visit a local spa center and get the treatment. The best part is the fact the treatment can be used over and over again as long as you want. There are no side effects here!

Tightening solution

Mixing honey, rosemary and witch hazel will make your skin tighter. One teaspoon of each ingredient is enough. Most women have been using this method after having childbirth and all of them claim it is effective.

Using all of these methods is possible because they don’t have side effects nor they are dangerous to your health. In addition, they can be used as long as you want.

Additionally, you may want to consider increasing the daily intake of proteins, vitamin C, and omega 3 fatty acid. All of these nutrients have a wonderful effect on the skin, collagen, and elastin. Basically, they make the skin more elastic and tighten it at the same time. If you want to know which part of the process each ingredient has, continue reading.

Vitamin C protects the skin from the sun rays. Protein boosts the collagen production by increasing the levels of the amino acids lysine. Omega 3 fatty acids have been included in small study conducted in the United States. Scientists determined that they affect the elasticity of the skin directly. These nutrients are essential if you want to learn how to tighten skin after weight loss in a healthy way. All the nutrients can be found in fruit, vegetables, and fish. Most diets will include these foods so all you have to do is to maintain the same diet you have been using for losing weight. In any other situation, adding the foods in question will have the same effect.

Is a plastic surgery a valuable alternative?

How to tighten skin after weight loss can be answered with a plastic surgery. In essence, a plastic surgeon will perform a procedure that will remove excess of the skin, and therefore makes it tighter. Although, it sounds great there are a few facts to consider.

First and foremost, these surgeries leave scars, so they don’t provide great looks as you may believe. Then we have the price. Each surgery will cost you $30.000 and your insurance won’t cover it (they claim it is a beauty procedure). The last, but not least, almost 45% of patients develops some skin-related issues. Some of them experience pain, others infections and some even require additional surgery to solve the main problem.

All of this suggests that plastic surgery isn’t the best option. Yes, it is quick, but it brings risk and it is expensive. Even in the terms of time, plastic surgery isn’t as quick as you may believe. Most procedures must be performed one at a time, 6 months after the weight loss. Some surgeons will perform two surgeries at the same time, but it is more expensive, requires additional tests and brings more risk than usual.

The final word

By now you should realize that there are two main ways to tighten the loose skin after losing weight. One of them is plastic surgery, which isn’t as good as you may believe and the second one is using the tips we mentioned above. They are a much better alternative due to the fact they will also keep your body in a healthy condition and tighten the skin without any complications. Obviously, they require more time, so you will have to be patient. Still, a combination of several or even better, all of these tips will tighten the skin in a matter of months, while the first results will be seen after a few weeks only. If you are still losing weight, it is essential to use these tips in order to prevent loose skin from being formed in the first place.