Behind The Stories: Mama June Weight Loss Exposed

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Mama June weight loss is probably something that has or had been searched on your search engine. You may know this celebrity under her real name, June Shannon, best-known for her role in the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo series. This celebrity lost 150 pounds of weight! She wore a size 28, but now she wears size 16, so you can imagine her accomplishment. The real question is, how she did it? Luckily, we know the answer.

Always busy, no free time

During filming the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Mama June was extremely busy, but afterward, she had more and more of free time. She announced that the main and the first reason, on how she lost weight was her free time, or better said, the elimination of free time.

Mama June weight loss is possible simply because this star is constantly active and she doesn’t rest until she is satisfied with her daily result. This is a common thing when it comes to the weight loss methods and treatments. It is mandatory due to the fact, it helps people burn more calories than usual and therefore losing weight in a natural way.

Forgetting about cars and other ways of transportation was the second reason how Mama June lost weight in less than a year. Now, she walks almost anywhere and there is no a place outside her reach. Most personal trainers and weight loss experts claim that losing weight, by walking is more than just important. It is an excellent form of physical activity and it is suitable for people with certain health problems and even for elderlies. There are no drawbacks with this, simple method.

Help of a personal trainer and friends

Another secret of the huge success Mama June has accomplished is her personal trainer. Her name is Natasha Fett, and she is one of well-known Hollywood personal trainers. Yes, she is 3.000 miles from Mama June, but Fett has been giving her advice since the beginning of the program. It is simply impeccable that a person gets a personal trainer. It is mandatory because they will help you lose the most weight as sooner as possible.

They began with simple activities, like walking around the neighborhood, but they have been investing time and more activity in the weight loss program. The end result, 150 pound weight loss in less than a year!

Of course, spending some time at a gym is important as well. Exercising increases the number of burned calories and develop muscles, which is also known as a weight-loss benefit.

Her daughters, Lauryn and Alana were helpful as well. They also used weight-loss techniques and they also lost weight, but not as much as Mama June. The support of her daughters was the biggest help, according to the star we are discussing.

Non-conventional weight loss surgery

Mama June weight loss progress is significantly improved and speed up with the weight-loss surgery she had. It isn’t a conventional type of surgery, nor is it something that most people do these days.

Once the celebrity in question lost 90 pounds (an impressive achievement), she decided to lose 80 more, but she needed the weight-loss operation. Doctors removed 80% of her stomach, which may sound scary, but actually, it is beneficial in many ways. During the conventional gastric bypass, the stomach is intact, so these surgeries are not as effective as most people believe. In the case with Mama June, removing her stomach helped her eat less, but still feeling and being healthy. The best part is the fact that the rest of the digestive tract is intact.

After the surgery, a lot of additional efforts have to be used, but all of them are taking effect on the complete appearance of Mama June. The progress can be seen on social media right now.

Proper diet, a lot of fluid and fewer calories

The main reason why we get overweight are the calories. Mama June is now spending a lot of time checking the calorie intake. In this case, there is no less or more. The proper amount should be taken into account and ideally, you shouldn’t feel hunger, but you should eat less than usual.

Fluids, especially water have an important role as well. They can help you eliminate toxins from the body and they also affect the weight loss process. Most people don’t drink enough of water, which is followed by the weight gain and improper health.

Green smoothies are important and they are still mandatory in the Mama June weight loss program. Yes, they are not as delicious as they look, but they are extremely beneficial, especially for overweight people. This celebrity drinks them 3 times per week. Maybe 4-5 times would be better, we believe, but it isn’t crucial.

The goal is close

Mama June Weight Loss

Mama June weight loss progress is simply fantastic and can be treated as a miracle, but it isn’t complete. She announced, on several occasions that she will continue with her methods and with her weight losing techniques. We believe that she will want to lose additional 100 pounds or more!

With these, simple, yet powerful techniques and tips, losing weight is quick and simple. There is no special attention required nor anything that is very complicated. All Mama June invested is time and a few tips obtained from apersonal trainer and her friends. Look at her now! She looks better than ever and the best part is the fact she is going to look even better.

An interesting and important observation is that Mama June is realistic. She wants to invest more time in her progress and she doesn’t expect something to happen overnight. This is simply the main secret when it comes to weight losing techniques. If you invest a lot of time in them, they will reward you and you will get the looks you deserve and want. Yes, it is safe as well, so there is no need to be concerned. You must read the information below:

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