10 Top Medical Weight Loss Centers

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Losing weight is the desire of us many and due to the fact this problem has been more and more in common in the past few years, we can expect continued growth in the near future. Of all treatments and methods, medical weight loss provides the best results. There are two main benefits of this method. The first one is the treatments that are used. All of them are medically tested and have positive results. The second one is safety. All medical weight loss centers have MDs who monitor the patient’s progress. It is important to choose the best center of this kind, in order to get both of these benefits. That’s why we have found the best ones.

1. Duke Diet & Fitness Center

This is one of the best centers, we have found. It offers advanced treatments, it is highly rated and it hires only professional staff. The main reason, why this is one of the best centers is the fact a patient can choose different programs, suitable for everyone. It is possible to choose a program that lasts just 5 days or some that last up to 4 weeks (2 and 3 week programs are available as well). After completing the program, a patient can add more, additional weeks, until he/she is completely satisfied with the result.

Each program is a day-long activity and learning. During it, patients will have exercises, cooking lessons, fitness and lab tests. It is also a common practice to have medical consolations in order to determine the best program and the best direction towards losing weight. Prices start at $2.500.

2. MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina)

Here, losing weight is guaranteed. The center offers different programs as well, but all of them are more than just long. The available programs last 15, 23 and 27 weeks. During the programs, a patient will have consultations with nutritionists and even psychologists. Exercising and proper diet are mandatory and patients even get an included sub-program that lasts 8 weeks and has the main role in replacing the meals in a diet.

The medical weight loss center in question is also suitable for individuals who want to lose more than 100 lbs. For them, Health Fast program is available. It lasts 30 weeks, and it is more advanced than other programs available. The cost of the programs is affordable (starting at $1.500), which is another reason why this weight loss center is highly recommended.

3. Brookhaven Rehabilitation

Health Care Center here is specially developed for individuals who are extremely obese. It is common to see people who have 400 pounds or more and some cannot even leave their bed! For those people, this is the best medical weight loss center. It also features extra-large beds, wheelchairs and additional equipment, all suitable for individuals with extremely high weights. The staff is specifically trained in helping individuals in question and MDs are some of the best you can get. This weight loss center is located in New York and it has been more than just popular in related documentaries.

Individuals who must lose weight as soon as possible should choose this center without a question. It is extremely effective, it is suitable for all people and it is well-known for a high success rate. There are no drawbacks or issues recorded.

4. The Ohio State University Center

Living Well is the main program here. It last long and it is highly effective. Just the first phase takes 6 months and during that time, patients have analysis, training, diet changes, and the entire progress is monitored. The main goal is to find the most suitable combination of the exercising and a diet for each, particular patient. Consultations with dietitians and professional trainers are mandatory.

After the completion of the first phase, patients will move to the second one. After that, the third phase is available, known as Step It Up. The second and the third phases have the main goal of increasing the results and helping people develop a better idea about the exercising and a proper diet. As such, this is one of the best medical weight loss centers you can possibly find. The cost of the first phase is $900.

5. Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center

In Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center patients can be enrolled in one of two programs. The first one is designed for people with a BMI of 30 or more and they will be medically monitored and the entire diet will be replaced. This medical weight loss center is perfect for all patients who want to lose weight in a healthy way, without compromising their health. The second program is for individuals with a BMI of 25 or below. They have a simple diet plan and they are not medically monitored.

The length of these programs will last between 12 and 18 months. The process will vary between $300 for the assessment and after that, each week is around $70.

6. The Cooper Clinic

The Cooper Clinic is an absolute leader in Dallas, Texas and it is one of the highest-rated clinics of this type in the state. The programs are slightly more different than you may have in mind, so you get metabolic tests, consultations and plenty of exercise. As the main element of the program, this clinic includes professional and advanced exercising in the local aerobics center. We can add that this is a perfect place for individuals who want to lose health while getting more stamina and increase their physical endurance.

The price will vary and depend on the selected program. Another advantage is the customized programs. They allow each patient to choose the best and the most suitable one. Paired with important consultation with highly skilled MDs, we can guarantee you certain weight loss.

7. Weight Control Center at Columbia University

The medical weight loss center at Columbia University is all except non-successful. Patients can get individual appointments with the dietitians and physicians at any given moment and they are enrolled in some advanced and sophisticated programs.  The main one is the Weight Control in 12 Weeks and it is responsible for replacing the meals in a diet. This is a group program led by the chief dietitian.

The price of the program here is around $500, making it one of the most affordable ones, but it is also the shortest! We will recommend it to patients who want to eliminate the risk of weight loss and protect their health.

8. Nemours Center for Integrative Pediatric Obesity Care

This is one of the rare centers specifically developed for helping children. It is suitable for preventing overweight and obesity issues in youth. It is also the best choice for children with the same problems that have escalated! This medical weight loss center is available in Florida and Pennsylvania and it is the best children’s weight loss center in the United States.

All children will get specialized programs that will teach them how to deal with emotional and diet needs, but also how to eat properly and how much physical activity they need. The center also offers programs that include parents and counseling. For children who need, there are groups designed for support and improving the progress. Additional: The center here also treats health problems that are caused by obesity.

9. Weight Management Program

The university of Michigan offers the Weight Management Program that caught our eye. As a program, it is very effective, but at the same time, it is a research program as well. That’s why the number of patients and those who will be accepted is limited. In order to qualify for the program, a patient must have a BMI of 35, or BMI 32 if there is some disease related.

The best thing here is the fact each patient gets a care team. It consists of dietitians and physicians, which will analyze and monitor the condition of a patient.  The length of the program is different for each patient as well. The price depends on the treatments and the duration of the program as well.  The diet used here is a low-calorie and it is paired with instructions on how to eat healthy. Those who will participate in the research program will also perform VO2 tests.

10. Geisinger Medical Center

Medical Weight Loss

At Geisinger, you can become a member of the Center for Nutrition and Weight Management. Each new patient will have a consultation and assessment with the dietitian and physician at the beginning. After that, he/she will start working on the personalized fitness and diet plans. This is just the main part of the program. In addition, each patient will work on changes and we can say improvements of the exercising, diet and even behavior.

This is one of rare medical weight loss centers that can prescribe weight loss medications if needed. Usually, it isn’t, but in some, more demanding cases, it is a common practice. The price will depend on the personalized treatment and the duration of it.