Get Rid Of The Excessive Weight With Swimming

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If you are trying to lose your weight, and have tried many types of supplements, diets, and exercises and nothing is actually working for you, then, in that case, you can try swimming for weight loss.

Causes of Weight Gain

There are lots of people who are suffering from extra weight gain problems and obesity in this world. There are many reasons for extra weight gain such as lack of sleep, taking extra stress, taking wrong medication, Hypothyroidism, smoking, and very less physical activity. Weight gain occurs when the fat that we take in the form of food starts to deposit in our body in belly region and butt region. It is the nature of the body to store excess fat so that it can be used in future for producing calories. Calories are generated when the fat burns. But when the body is being provided with extra fat, the body utilizes only limited quantity of fat for producing calories, whereas unused fat is stored in the body. So if you really want to lose some weight, it is best that you start burning the fat at a faster rate.

Most of the doctors will recommend you to do physical exercises so that calories may be burned at a faster rate and you may lose some weight. Swimming is another best exercise to lose weight. You may have seen that most of the professional swimmers have a fit and slim body as they swim for one to two hours on a daily basis. Swimming can burn more than 900 calories in just one hour. It is the best way to lose some weight as water doesn’t make you feel sweaty, smelly, as well as keeps your body cool. After one hour of swimming, you will be completely refreshed whereas spending one hour in the gym will make you feel tired, sweaty, and smelly.

Why Work with Water?

The main reason to use water is that water is 800 times denser than air which makes it difficult for you to make movements in the water as compared to air. Lifting your hand in the air is far easier than lifting it in the swimming pool. Air provides minimum resistance to your entire body as compared to water. While working in water, you need to make lots of efforts and strength to make your moves, and this is why most of the people prefer to swimming for weight loss rather than working out at the Gym. Swimming is a complete workout package which includes workout of every single muscle of your body from head to toe. Extra efforts and strength will require more amounts of calories which will result in increased metabolism rate. While swimming, every part of your body will burn the calories which mean you will lose weight at a faster rate.

Another plus point with water is that it neutralizes the gravity which means you will feel almost weightless inside the swimming pool. In water, you need not to run or do any kind of physical training. With swimming, you just need to make movements using your entire body providing a bit of relaxation to your body joints. Anyone can swim all day long without injuring himself. You will get tired in a few hours but you definitely will not injure yourself till the time you are inside the swimming pool. Swimming and weight loss are correlated to each other. The more you swim, the more you will lose your weight.

Lose Your Weight with Swimming

Swimming for weight loss is considered as the best as it burns a lot of calories which results in weight loss. But swimming has also many other benefits such as it helps you to improve your cardiovascular health and your heart becomes more strong and healthy. Especially, the old people can try swimming if they want to prevent themselves from getting a cardiovascular disease. Swimming requires the participation of all your body parts such as heart, lungs, hands, shoulders, legs, neck, and many other body muscles. A huge amount of oxygen is required by the body during swimming as oxygen is required to burn calories to produce energy. During swimming, your lungs are working at their full capacity, whereas heart is also pumping oxygenated blood to all the body parts at a faster rate.

After you finish swimming, you will experience that your heart is beating at a faster rate and you are breathing heavily. This is very beneficial for your cardiovascular system as well as for the respiratory system of your body. Swimming on a regular basis will make your heart and lungs strong as well as it will result in increased stamina. Those people who are suffering from joint problems are recommended to do swimming rather than running, cycling, or walking.

Basic Swimming Strokes

Swimming is the best exercise that you can do as it targets all your body parts from head to toe. There are many types of swimming workouts for weight loss that you can try in your swimming pool. Mentioned below are some of the basic swimming strokes that you can try with your swimming.

1. Breaststroke

Breaststroke is the most basic type of swimming stroke to practice. The amateurs, beginners, and kids begin their swimming lessons with breaststrokes. Breaststroke is very similar to frog style lick. The swimmer bends his knees and kicks the water with his legs. The arm stroke is also done with it. Your arms sweep out from your breast and push the water in the backward direction and then again sweep into your breast. The body remains straight and the hands and legs do their work. Repeating this process results in forward movement of your body and the person starts to swim. The advantage of breaststroke is that the face always remains out of the water providing the swimmer with a better vision as well as with better breathing. There are no breathing issues with this kind of swimming. Another benefit with this kind of swimming is that both your arms and legs can work simultaneously making it easy for you to learn this type of swimming.

2. Backstroke

With backstroke, you have to float on your back rather than on your breast. You have to stay in the horizontal position with this kind of swimming. Your lungs are in the air and the head is also in the air but the whole body is submerged in the water. You have to kick your leg as well as make a movement with your hand to keep on floating. The advantage with backstroke swimming is that breathing issues are completely avoided as well as backstroke is very easy to do. If you have to swim for a long distance then backstroke is the best for you as it requires minimal efforts to swim in this position. You have to continuously look towards in the back direction to know where you were heading.

3. Freestyle Stroke

Freestyle swimming is done on your stomach and the swimmers use their feet to kick the water. The arms also create a forward motion which starts from their hip and is brought towards in forward direction and then again going back to the hip in the backward direction. This motion of hand creates a forward movement. The movements of the arm are done simultaneously. The advantage of freestyle swimming is that it is the only kind of swimming which can be done with minimum efforts. This swimming also provides you with the fastest speed. Most of the professional swimmers use freestyle swimming to win the competition. Most of the international swimming competitions are always freestyle swimming competition. You can cover the maximum distance with this style of swimming by using least amount of energy. The main challenge with this type of swimming is that your head is submerged in the water so it must be turned in the right or left direction so that the swimmer may breathe. You must read information below:

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