Weight Management After Hysterectomy

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Weight management is an important concern for maintaining the overall health. Commonly, weight gain is due to overeating and lack of exercises but many times, weight gain is caused due to hormonal imbalances in the body. Various health conditions are there that contribute to the hormonal imbalances that result in either increase or decrease in weight. One of such condition is uterus removal. When the uterus is removed, hormonal imbalance occurs in the body which generally results in weight gain. Thus, weight loss after hysterectomy is one of the challenges faced by the women who undergo this type of surgery. Hysterectomy is a surgical process in which full or a part of the uterus is removed.

Reasons for uterus removal

There are several reasons which assist the removal of the uterus. Some of them are:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Uterus cancer
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • thickening of the uterus
  • Endometriosis

Depending upon the reason for uterus removal, it is determined whether full or a part of the uterus will be removed.

Weight gain and hysterectomy

During the hysterectomy, many times there is the removal of ovaries which is responsible for releasing the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. When the ovaries are removed, the level of estrogen and progesterone in the body change. Changes in the level of hormones affect the metabolic rate of the body which ultimately results in unwanted weight gain. Weight gain post surgery should be controlled in an effective manner so that you are able to maintain your optimum health. Negligence can result in various side effects due to weight gain.

In addition to the hormonal imbalances, inactivity post surgery is also a contributing factor in gaining weight. After Hysterectomy, it may take more than a week to become active. Many times, it takes up to a month’s time to recover from the surgery. Hence, during the recovery time, you will gain weight.

Be safe from weight gain post hysterectomy

Weight gain after hysterectomy is common. Post surgery hysterectomy weight loss is somewhat impossible. It also adds to the weakness of the pelvic floor, which may result in Vaginal prolapsed.  Hence, you should look for the right ways to control your weight post surgery.

Steps to lose weight after surgery

Here are some of the ways that help in weight loss after hysterectomy:

  • Check for the real cause of weight gain: Get yourself examined by the professional doctor to check any kind of side effects due to sudden weight gain after hysterectomy. Sometimes, the problem of weight gain occurs due to thyroid. If there are other causes of weight gain post hysterectomy, then there is a need to seek medications for treatment.
  • Take help of the nutritionist: Due to the hormonal imbalances, there is a shift in the nutritional balance in your body. So, it is very important to maintain the required amount of nutrition in the body. For this, you can get the help from the professional nutritionist to get your diet chart prepared. Follow the diet chart so that your body gets the right amount of nutrition, which ultimately helps in losing weight.
  • Lower calorie intake: Cut down the excessive calories from your meals. Avoid intake of high- calorie food, junk food, and canned food. Increased intake of calories is responsible for gaining weight which makes you look fat and causes various side effects of weight gain. Increase consumption of protein rich food which helps in burning fat in your body hence helps in losing weight.
  • Exercise and workout: Exercising is the best way to keep you fit and healthy. After the hysterectomy, start low impact exercises so that your body gets into the habit of exercising without post surgery side effects. Once, you feel healthy for exercising, increase the intensity of exercises and workout for at least 60 minutes daily. Cardiovascular exercises, jumping, running, and swimming are the best options to lose your weight quickly after hysterectomy.
  • Other natural ways of weight loss: Strength training exercising is also an effective option to lose weight after the hysterectomy. Lifts and pushups will help you to get lean muscles and healthy body. You can join the gym, recreational center, rehabilitation center, to promote a healthy weight loss.
  • Distress yourself: High level of stress is also the reason for hormonal imbalances in your body. So, it is important to keep the stress away from your life. This will help in weight management and health management.

Weight loss pills is not a healthy way

There are many people who start consuming weight loss supplements and pills for losing their grown weight post-surgery. Consuming such type of pills and supplements without recommendation poses risks to the life due to side effects. Hence, it is suggested to avoid weight loss pills and look for the healthy and natural ways for weight loss after hysterectomy.

Natural weight loss pills and supplements can be a healthy way, but it is very hard to find the natural weight loss supplements from the trusted and reliable brand. Thus, you should avoid consumption of such supplements and pills.

Give time to lose weight

If you have gained your weight after hysterectomy, do not panic. It is very obvious and cannot be avoided. All you can do is to follow the steps to lose weight in an effective manner so that you are able to maintain your health as well as lean appearance. If you are experiencing that your weight is growing at a faster pace and you are unable to control it, take help of your doctor and keep on following the diet control and exercising method for losing weight. This will help in avoiding the complications and assist in recovery in the right manner. Many times, weight loss after hysterectomy may take more than a year. But, do not lose your hope of losing weight. Be consistent in your efforts to lose weight to get the desired results. Keep in touch with your doctor and visit the doctor regularly so that a constant check is maintained on your weight. In this way, you will be able to achieve a healthy weight loss.